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Workspace Desktop Edition Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX HP-UX PA HP-UX IPF Linux Solaris Windows
04/17/14 General X

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New in This Release

There are no restrictions for this release. This release does not contain new features or functionality.

  • New user interface and interaction model
    • A new default modern user interface (UI) visual theme with a complete set of new icons. The former theme can still be accessed by selecting the Blue theme from the Main Menu.
    • Larger icon and button size on the toolbar to improve usability of most frequent user actions.
    • New UI interaction model that combines the previously separate Main View and Interaction windows into a single, cohesive workspace.
    • The Main View interaction toolbar is now dockable to the top of the screen, with an optional auto-hide setting.
    • Genesys branding and logo has been added.
    • The ability to change the visual appearance of the UI has been significantly improved. It is possible to change the colors, icons, company branding, font type, and various UI elements, by adding custom theme.
  • E-mail
    • E-mail attachment file-type restriction.
    • Improvements in HTML content handling, with the ability to preview the appearance of content before sending.
  • Team communicator
    • Retains both the inbound and outbound voice call history, differentiating missed versus answered inbound calls.
  • Support for video interaction. Video interaction requires Workspace SIP Endpoint 8.5
  • Miscellaneous
    • Discontinue support of Main View gadget mode
    • Ability to play tone on multiple devices upon incoming interaction.
  • Documentation
    • Context sensitive help is migrated to docs.genesys.com/Documentation. It can be accessed from the Workspace Help menu or directly through a web browser.
  • System compatibility updates
    • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 is a pre-requisite. For current customers upgrade from Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 to 4.5 is required.
    • Support of Windows 8.1
    • Support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Corrections and Modifications

This release also includes the following corrections or modifications:

The size of columns in the Workbin view no longer increases to very large widths after the column order has been modified. Previously, in some internationalization environments, column widths were sometimes increased to very large widths. (IW-8601)

The Add Favorite edit box of the Team Communicator now displays text correctly for users who have the Microsoft Windows 7 theme. Previously, the descenders of letters, such as "g", in the Name and Category text fields were truncated. (IW-8600)

The Notepad of Voice interactions that did not have any Contact assigned to it at the time it is released is now properly updated when a Contact is assigned to this interaction at a later time. (IW-8541)

The value ThisApplication is now correctly taken into account when it is assigned to the general.configuration-update-notification option. Previously, this value was not taken into account properly. A side-effect of this issue was that in environments where the value of the login.enable-place-completion option was set to true, it was not possible for an agent to login after a new Place was suggested, while the former one was validated as it was previously. (IW-8479)

The call duration of Outbound Campaign calls is now properly saved in the Universal Contact Server database. (IW-8478)

The function "Refine Place/Channel" now correctly re-logins the agent's voice DN when the agent modifies some login information, such as the ACD Queue. Previously in this scenario, the voice DN might remain in the "Logged Out" state after a Refine Place/Channel operation was executed. (IW-8403)

The "Assign Contact" keyboard shortcut now works properly when a value is specified by the keyboard.shortcut.contact.assigncontact option in the Configuration Layer. Previously, pressing the keyboard shortcut resulted in no action. (IW-8297)

When the login window is configured to display virtual queues, it is now possible to properly select any available virtual queue from the corresponding "Queue" drop down list. (IW-8272)

Workspace no longer sends two answer call requests to SIP Server when a supervisor, whose Person object is configured with the value of the voice.auto-answer option set to true, is engaged in call monitoring. Previously in this scenario, Workspace might send duplicated answer call requests which resulted in an error message being displayed to the supervisor. (IW-8217)

When a Voice interaction, which did not have any Contact at the time it was released and marked as Done, has a Contact assigned at a later time, the interaction is now properly marked as Done. Previously in this scenario, after the Contact was assigned, the interaction status remained as In Progress. (IW-8100)

In multi-site SIP Server environments where event the EventRemoteConnectionSuccess is generated in SingleStepTransfer scenarios, the time counter of the voice media channel no longer remains as "Pending" after the transfer is complete. (IW-7951)

In Outbound Pull Preview mode, when neither the Outbound - Can Cancel Record nor the Outbound - Can Reject Record privileges are assigned, it is now possible to proceed with the "Done and Stop" action. Previously in this scenario, the "Done and Stop" action was not available for the agent. (IW-7876)

Agents can now specify that the Main Window is always the topmost window on their display by selecting the Main Window Always On Top item from the Main Menu. Previously, this feature was not available if the Gadget was not enabled. Note: The Gadget view is not available in Workspace 8.5. (IW-7688)

In environments where the value of the outbound.campaign-stale-timeout option is set to something other than 0, a campaign is no longer visible in the campaign list after the campaign is stopped. (IW-7631)

To optimize performance, Workspace now enables you to limit the number of entries that are displayed in the Team Communicator Favorites list. Use the new teamcommunicator.max-favorites-size option to specify the number of favorites that are displayed. Previously, in case of a large number of corporate favorites, Workspace could fail to respond for some time when the Team Communicator showing favorites was displayed. (IW-7589)

Special HTML characters, such as á é í and ó, are now displayed correctly in inbound and outbound e-mail interactions and in Standard Responses. (IW-7481)

On workstations that are configured with the Turkish locale, Workspace no longer fails to parse HTML content that contains the <SCRIPT> tag when it is written in all capital letters. (IW-7479)

During Outbound campaigns, when a first record from a chain is pulled by an agent and rejected, the handling of subsequent records from the same chain pulled by the same agent no longer fails. Previously in this scenario, the first rejected record interfered with subsequent records from the same chain, which resulted in record processing failure. (IW-7464)

The Resend function for outgoing e-mail interactions no longer fails when the parent inbound e-mail interaction is also open for handling on the agent's workstation. (IW-7455)

If an agent makes an authentication error during login, the authentication error message is now removed from the display immediately after the second login attempt is submitted. Previously in this scenario, the error message persisted until the System Parameters view (second-step login window) was displayed. (IW-7444)

In environments where the value of the login.enable-same-place is set to false or prompt, Workspace now ensures that the connection to Stat Server is established prior to agent login to control Place availability. Previously, in some scenarios, such as initializing against Stat Server back-up, Workspace could bypass Place availability checking and allow an agent to login to multiple Places. Workspace now attempts to connect to any node of the Stat Server pair until the timeout interval is reached, as defined by the login.place-state-timeout, at which point login fails. (IW-7416)

In TServer for Nortel environment, Workspace no longer sends three RequestAgentLogout requests when an agent tries to exit the application. Previously, in environments where TServer automatically sends a DNDon and EventAgentLogout, Workspace made several attempts to logout the voice DN. (IW-7414)

In environments where the value of the voice.mark-done-on-release option is true and the value of the contact.lookup.voice.enable-create-contact option is false, Workspace no longer tries to create a Contact in UCS in situations where there is no Contact initially assigned to the interaction. (IW-7383)

In TServer for Nortel environments, it is now possible to establish a conference with more than the previous limit of three parties. You can now establish a conference with as many parties as are supported by the switch. (IW-7378)

For workstations that have a small display screen, the display of the Team Communicator favorites is no longer truncated when the list of corporate favorites is large. (IW-7356)

You can now use both commas and semi-colons as address separators in the To: field of outgoing e-mail interactions. Previously, only commas were accepted as address separators. (IW-7290)

The StartDate of outgoing e-mail interactions in Universal Contact Server (UCS) is now properly set using the server clock when the value of the contact.ucs-interaction.email.use-server-date option is set to true. Previously, the date was set by using the clock of the agent's workstation. (IW-7289)

In SIP Server environments, when an Outbound voice call is conferenced to an internal target, the name of the conferencing agent and the name of the contact are both displayed to the internal target in the conference notification and in the interaction view. Previously in this scenario, the conferencing agent was displayed as the target of the conference instead of the internal target. (IW-7235)

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