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Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: At the next interaction
Dependencies: contact.lookup.enable

Specifies contact lookup behavior if the value of contact.lookup.enable is set to true.

  • true: If there is only one contact in the UCS database, that contact is assigned automatically. If there are two or more contact in the UCS database, the first one is assigned to the interaction automatically.
  • false: If there is only one contact in the UCS database, that contact is assigned automatically. If there are two or more contacts, these are displayed in the Contact view of the interaction and the agent must either select one, search for a different contact, or create a new contact.
    This option can be overridden by a routing strategy, as described in Overriding Options by Using a Routing Strategy.

Workspace Desktop Edition Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
09/26/18 Update X

Helpful Links

What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Web Chat enhancements:
    • Chat auto mark done: You can now configure Workspace to automatically mark chat interactions as done when the contact leaves the session.
    • Async Chat support: It is now possible for agents to put a chat session on hold without ending the chat session. Putting a chat session on hold places it into an agent's personal workbin or other destination specified by a Chat Server business process definition. Agents can retrieve 'on-hold' chat sessions from their personal workbin.
    • The chat transcript no longer automatically scrolls to the bottom if the agent is viewing the earlier part of the conversation within a chat session.
  • The Local time, the GMT time, and the time zone are now included in the header of every log file to facilitate log analysis.
  • A Team Lead who is granted the 'TeamLead - Can Change Status' privilege can now apply this functionality only for the Agents assigned to Agent Groups for which this Team Lead is specified as a Supervisor.
  • The Notes typed by an agent in inbound email interactions are now automatically copied into the Notes of the outbound email when the agent clicks 'Reply'.
  • The Busy status icon in Team Communicator is now displayed as red when an agent has applied the Blue, Royale, or Fancy theme to their instance of Workspace. Previously, this icon was displayed as green which led to confusion for some agents.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

In environments where Workspace is connected directly to Interaction Server, the application now preserves its eServices capabilities after a Stop, a Graceful Stop, or a Failover to Backup operation is executed from the Genesys Management Layer. (IW-15729)

When an SMS is sent to a UCS contact's secondary phone number, this number is now correctly displayed in the Detail view when the SMS is selected in any Interaction History view. Previously, this kind of SMS was incorrectly displayed in History views with the primary phone number of the contact. (IW-15708)

When the value of the contact.lookup.auto-assign-mode option is set to false, Workspace no longer exits unexpectedly when an interaction is closed while the 'Suggested Contact' view is open and suggested contacts are displayed in the interaction window. (IW-15705)

The description that is specified in a Business Attribute Value defining a valid disposition code is now correctly displayed as a tooltip in the Disposition Code view. (IW-15701)

The performance of Workspace during the editing of email interactions that contain a large number of hyperlinks has been improved. (IW-15700)

You can now configure Case Information to display the 'MediaType' system property for all types of eServices interactions. Previously, this system property could be displayed only for email interactions. (IW-15694)

Workbin sorting has been corrected:

  • Agents can now sort entries in workbins using the 'From' attribute.
  • Sorting of workbin entries by any system date attribute, such as 'Received' or 'ReceivedAt', now behaves correctly. Previously, sorting by system date attributes might become out of order when a new interaction was added to the workbin. (IW-15692)

Workspace now more reliably displays email interactions that contain a large number of styles. Previously, email interactions with a large number of styles could cause Workspace to become unresponsive. (IW-15682)

Agents can now select the 'NoEstablished' value as a call result for an Outbound call when specifying the disposition of an Outbound record. (IW-15672)

The robustness of the connectivity between Workspace and Workspace SIP Endpoint has been improved. Previously, during some cases of connectivity issues between the two components, calls were incorrectly displayed as muted. (IW-15664)

The Interaction Search functionality no longer becomes unresponsive when Universal Contact Server (UCS) incorrectly returns duplicate records in an interaction search result set. (IW-15657)

The Alert icon that informs agents that the maximum text size of an SMS has been exceeded can now receive the focus and be read when the visually impaired mode is enabled. (IW-15650)

When an agent replies to or forwards an incorrectly formatted HTML email interaction, the corresponding email reply or forward email now contains a copy of the original HTML code in the quoted part. Previously, any HTML that occurred outside the 'BODY' tag of the inbound email content might have been stripped out of the email reply or the forward interaction. (IW-15633)

The following privileges are now properly taken into account when a selected interaction is in 'Routing' status in an Interaction Server workflow:

  • Contact - Can Pull Interactions from Queue
  • Contact - Can Pull Interactions In Workbins Not Owned By The User
  • Contact - Can Pull Interactions In Shared Workbins

Previously, it was possible for an agent not granted any of those privileges to pull interactions in Routing status from History views. (IW-15632)

The feature granted by the 'Team Lead - Can Change Agent Status' privilege now functions correctly when no Outbound or eServices privilege is assigned to the Team Lead. Previously, when this privilege was assigned without the mentioned dependencies enabled, Workspace did not perform optimally and the performance of Team Communicator could be affected. (IW-15627)

When a system property, such as 'CustomerID' or 'ScheduledAt', is configured to be editable by agents, you can now configure these properties to be 'mandatory' case information that agents must populate before marking an interaction as Done. (IW-15626)

For customizations, you can now intercept the 'MediaOpenMediaLogOn' chain of command each time there is a manual or automatic attempt to move an eServices media channel from the logged off to the logged on status. (IW-15514)

An agent handling a chat interaction with a contact can no longer start a chat consultation with a target (Agent Group, Interaction Queue, or Skill) if the agent has already started a chat consultation with this same target but the consultation has not yet been accepted and has not expired. (IW-15360)

Workspace no longer becomes unresponsive when an interaction window containing an eServices interaction is closed by the window close button while the connection to Interaction Server is degraded. (IW-15258)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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