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Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true,false
Changes Take Effect: When the application is started or restarted.

Specifies whether the outboundpreview channel is combined with the voice channel in the User Interface. If set to 'true', only the voice channel is presented, and any change in the status of one channel is applied to the other channel


Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: true
Valid Values: boolean
Changes Take Effect: At next change of counter value.

Specifies that system messages are marked as "read" immediately after the interactive notification is displayed to prevent the Main Menu button from including them in the notification bullet counter.

Workspace Desktop Edition Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
05/04/16 Hot Fix X

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What's New

This release includes only resolved issues.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The More Action menu in the Contact Directory grid view is now displayed correctly. Previously, this menu was displayed in the upper left corner of the screen instead of on the Contact Directory. (IW-12821)

The Undo Merge Contact function no longer displays an error when it is executed in environments where the Contact Index is not enabled in Universal Contact Server (UCS). Previously in this scenario, the Undo Merge Contact operation succeeded but a misleading error message was displayed.
Limitation: in this kind of environment it is not possible to apply an Undo Merge Contact on a contact that was just displayed as a result of a former Undo Merge Contact action. To perform a second Undo Merge Contact operation, the contact list must be refreshed by performing a new search. (IW-12803)

Workspace now correctly accepts the Log On action from an agent on a Voice channel in scenarios where, after the DN was set Out of Service and then Back in Service without losing connection to the T-Server, the DN is restored in the Logged Out state. (IW-12746)

An agent in a SIP environment who is working with Workspace SIP Endpoint can now redial a call from the Party Action drop down menu next to the name of the party who was dropped from the call. Previously, when using Workspace SIP Endpoint, or higher, and Workspace, or higher, redialed calls in this scenario were immediately dropped during Establishing phase. (IW-12742)

Workspace now correctly maintains an agent's status when the agent processes Push Preview interactions. Previously, if a Push Preview invite was rejected or, in environments where the Focus Time reporting feature was enabled, the agent's status was "(Pending)" even after the Push Preview interaction was completed. (IW-12703)

The Tree View mode in the My Team Workbins view no longer truncates the display of agent names and adds an ellipsis after the truncated names. (IW-12701)

When the value of the broadcast.system-messages-auto-mark-read option is set to true in an environment where Workspace is localized in a non-English language, system messages are now correctly automatically marked as read. (IW-12698)

In Outbound environments where the Negotiated Logout protocol is specified, Workspace no longer forces agents to the Logged Off status (or Not Ready status in versions lower than when the campaign is stopped in situations where the agent is already logged off and logged back in during the execution of the campaign. (IW-12660)

An issue that could make it impossible to finalize the handling of an Email interaction has been fixed. (IW-12654)

Workspace now handles audio alerts correctly in situations where the audio layer of the operating system hangs while processing audio functions. Previously in these scenarios, for example when playing audio alerts for new chat messages, Workspace became unresponsive and had to be restarted. (IW-12629)

In multi-site T-Server environments, the instance of Workspace which is the destination of a two-step transfer or conference now correctly displays the call as either an inbound or outgoing call. Previously, when the transferred/conferenced call and the consultation call were assigned the same Connection ID, and, depending on how the Attached Data were shared between the consultation and the main call, the transferred/conferenced call might have been displayed as a consultation call where it was not possible to set a disposition code. (IW-12563)

When an agent is assigned to an Outbound Push-Preview campaign in an environment where the value of the outbound.push-preview.use-combined-channel option is set to true, the outboundpreview media channel status no longer loses synchronization with the status of the voice channel. This is a new fix for an issue already announced as fixed in version (IW-12528)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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