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Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: $Application.RootApplicationData$\log\InteractionWorkspace
Valid Values: A valid URL.
Changes Take Effect: Immediately.

Defines the full path of the log file. The file name uses the following extension:


The full path can also contain the following field codes:

$Agent.UserName$,$Agent.LastName$,$Agent.FirstName$,$Agent.EmployeeId$,$Application.Exe$,$Application.ApplicationData$,$Application.RootApplicationData$,$Env.X$ (where X is the name of environment variable).


Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: Status,Subject,StartDate
Valid Values: A comma-separated value list of interaction attribute names.
Changes Take Effect: When the application is started or restarted.

Specifies the list of interaction attributes that are displayed in the tree view of the Interaction Search view, for example: Status, Subject, StartDate, EndDate

Workspace Desktop Edition Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
06/21/18 Update X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Supervisors can now use Team Communicator to log off an agent from all channels.
  • Supervisors can now use Team Communicator to change remotely the agent’s global and individual channel readiness state.
  • Support for Universal Contact Server 9.1.
  • For rescheduled outbound preview records that are part of a campaign that is running, the 'Mark Done and Get Next' feature (Mark Done) is now available. Previously, only the 'Mark Done and stop' feature was available for rescheduled outbound preview records.
  • Supervisors with the call monitoring privilege for current calls can now monitor ongoing consultation calls of an agent on their team when SIP Server allows both supervisor intrusion (TServer/intrusion-enabled=true) and monitoring of consultation calls (TServer/monitor-consult-calls=true). Previously, supervisors could intrude only inbound, outbound, and internal calls.
  • It is now possible to specify the list of displayed columns when the result set of a global interaction search is displayed as a tree view. Specify the list of columns in the contact.all-interactions-displayed-columns-treeview option.
  • It is now possible to specify that the values of a custom column configured to be displayed in the result set of a global interaction search is formatted as a date. To do this, add the following keys in the interaction-workspace section of the corresponding business attribute value of the 'Interaction Attributes' business attribute:
    • 'date.time-format' = <your format>
    • 'display-type' = 'date'
  • The Standard Response field code $Agent.Signature$ is no longer assigned with an immutable generic value by Workspace. Instead, you can now use this field code to specify a custom signature to an agent or agent group, based on the generic 'custom field codes' mechanism described in the Workspace Desktop Edition Deployment Guide.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The Keypad button is now always available in interaction views when configured. Previously, starting with version, when agents tried to access their voicemail through direct dialing in Team Communicator while handling an interaction, the Keypad button was not displayed in the interaction window. (IW-15967)

Workspace now always presents the list of files attached to an inbound email that are not displayed as part of the rich email body. Previously, starting with version, attached files might not have been visible to agents. (IW-15504)

Agents can now dial the number of a Push Preview campaign record when the record is distributed to the agent after the campaign has been unloaded. Previously in this scenario, starting with version, it was not possible to dial the number. (IW-15487)

Editing the value of the log.Trace option in Genesys Administrator is no longer blocked by a wrong validation rule. (IW-15474)

When the Subject of an interaction stored in Universal Contact Server (UCS) contains multiple lines, typically in the context of an SMS, the text is correctly wrapped. (IW-15473)

Workspace now correctly displays as HTML inbound email interactions that contain text values for the 'font-weight' tag. Also, when it is not possible to display an HTML email in rich text format due to failed parsing, embedded images are now presented as standard file attachments. Previously, Workspace failed to parse such emails, resulting in a plain text display with the embedded images (files) not available to agents. (IW-15452)

Workspace no longer fails to schedule a callback when the agent chooses the last day of the month. (IW-15438)

Chat messages now appear properly grouped when the agent and the contact in the chat have the same display name. Previously in this scenario, messages did not appear to be grouped correctly. (IW-15435)

Workspace no longer stacks two separate email interactions as part of the same case view when an agent manipulates (opens, closes, or marks as done) other emails from the same thread in the History view of the case. (IW-15402)

Workspace no longer becomes unresponsive when Genesys Mobile Services is slow to respond during the validation of a Callback scheduling or rescheduling request. (IW-15397)

The accessibility (keyboard navigation) of the Interaction Bar has been improved. (IW-15393)

The display of tables in rich text email interactions has been improved. (IW-15389)

The accessibility of chat interaction handling has been improved for both keyboard navigation and availability through screen reader applications. (IW-15376)

The Callback interaction preview now displays the phone number of the callback record instead of the the following string: Unidentified. (IW-15373)

The tooltip that displays the full content of Case Information values has been improved to make long text easier to read. (IW-15340)

The accessibility of Contact Directory and Contact History views has been improved for both keyboard navigation and availability through screen reader applications. (IW-15282)

The focus time of a chat interaction is now correctly reported to the back-end Genesys system when an agent exits Workspace while a chat interaction is still displayed, waiting for the agent to click Done. (IW-15262)

A supervisor who is silently monitoring an agent no longer becomes visible to the agent if SIP Server switches over to the back up. (IW-15229)

When a voice interaction record is created in Universal Contact Server (UCS) from the Routing Strategy during the distribution of a call, Workspace is now able to re-use it when the call is distributed to an agent and a contact is assigned to it. Previously, in this scenario Workspace created a new voice interaction record. (IW-14937)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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