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Genesys Mobile Services Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX HP-UX PA HP-UX IPF Linux Solaris Windows
01/30/15 General Under Shipping Control X X

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New in This Release

This release is under shipping control. This section describes new features that were introduced in this release of Genesys Mobile Services.

Genesys Mobile Services:

  • Callback Retry/Reschedule—The Workspace Desktop Plugin sample has been enhanced to allow the agent to retry or reschedule the Callback after the current Callback attempt is completed. The agents may need to retry a Callback because they were given a different phone number to try, or reschedule the Callback if they were not able to reach the correct person.
  • Callback usage tracking—The GMS Callback service now tracks the number of concurrent Callbacks in the system.
  • Localization support—GMS now supports localization into other languages. Contact your Genesys representative for more details.
  • Proxy support—GMS now supports proxy servers for outbound HTTP requests to public addresses, such as Apple and Google push notification services. This feature is supported with the following new configuration options:
    • http.proxy-auto-config-file
    • http.proxy-cache-size
    • http.proxy-ttl

Context Services:

  • Customer Journey Timeline—A visualization of various customer touch points of interactions and non-interaction work items, thereby providing a 360-degree view of the customer. The timeline features can be viewed as a stand-alone for business users for analytics and can also be embedded within other applications.
  • Pulse templates for Journey Dashboard—Analytics defined within Journey Dashboard provide an overview of different journeys and trends; based on touch points with the customers, these templates provide an in-depth and comparative view across businesses for customer trends.
  • Context Services Interface—A developer tool for developers and administrators to build and manage solutions. The users are now able to define start/stop steps through different states, tasks, and services.
  • Licensing—Context Services is now enabled through GMS and is provisioned through a technical license. This release also provides Migration utilities to move from a Universal Contact Server (UCS) environment to Genesys Mobile Services.
  • Multi-tenancy—Context Services now supports multi-tenancy.
  • Distributed Framework—Context Services is now supported on a distributed Cassandra environment, which reduces cost overhead and streamlines administration.
  • Role-Based Access Control—Context Services simplifies and enables access privileges to read and write data.
  • Export Capabilities — You can export export conversations to .CSV files or to JSON format.
  • Purging Capabilities — You can configure purges either from the Genesys Administrator or from the Configuration Manager interfaces. Your application can also perform purges by itself with a purge query.

Corrections and Modifications

This release also includes the following corrections or modifications:

The default DFM files that are hosted and generated in GMS now take into account the port restriction in the URL. (GMS-1360)

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