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Genesys Mobile Services Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX HP-UX PA HP-UX IPF Linux Solaris Windows
01/06/14 General Under Shipping Control X X

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New in This Release

This release is under shipping control. This section describes new features that were introduced in this release of Genesys Mobile Services.

  • GMS now supports Load Balancing features for Orchestration Server (ORS):
    • Ability to configure a list of ORS URLs in the _ors option of the orchestration-based service.
    • Ability to configure load balancing strategies through the _ors_lb_strategy option:
      • Support a Linear hunt strategy where requests are always delivered to the first available node in the ORS list.
      • Support a Circular hunt strategy where requests are delivered in a round robin fashion to the ORS list.
    • Ability to configure the maximum request attempts for ORS load balancing through the max_ors_request_attempts option.
    • Ability to allow the customer's load balancer to detect GMS node failure by configuring a new service type. The returned code for ONLINE/OFFLINE status is configurable.
  • GMS now supports the following operational metrics:
    • DNIS resource pool usage and availability.
    • Average handle time by resource pool.
    • Ability to report on historical service terminations.
  • GMS now supports Cookie-based management.
    • Ability to store ORS cookies for a given service id. GMS will use ORS-generated cookies in subsequent requests to the same service.
  • Javascript samples are now available.
  • The request-interaction service now includes the _return_pool_health parameter, which allows for real-time access to DNIS pool allocation information.
  • The GMS Callback license now ships with the Genesys Media Server CD to provide Call Progress Detection functionality, based on the latest changes in the Media Server licensing.

Corrections and Modifications

This release also includes the following corrections or modifications:

You no longer need to increase allocated stack space when GMS is running on JDK 7 64-bit. (GMS-1120)

The Service API no longer allows the user to overwrite service configuration options by passing them as request parameters. (GMS-830)

The written data for Open dates is now correct when creating a business-hours service through the Service Management UI. Previously, the user needed to correct the date in Configuration Manager after creating the service. (GMS-1132)

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