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Genesys Mobile Services Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX HP-UX PA HP-UX IPF Linux Solaris Windows
06/03/15 General Under Shipping Control X X

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New in This Release

This release is under shipping control. This section describes new features that were introduced in this release of Genesys Mobile Services.

Genesys Mobile Services:

  • Chat Push Notification—Chat Push Notification has been enhanced to handle disconnections due to client applications in background state.
  • Chat scenario—The client timeout no longer applies to chat sessions that have not yet connected with an agent.

Context Services:

  • This release contains no new features or functionality for Context Services.

Corrections and Modifications

This release also includes the following corrections or modifications:

If a user application attempts to schedule a callback outside of office hours, the callback API returns a proposal of 5 time slots within the next 24 hours. Previously, the callback API was allowing to schedule callbacks outside of office hours. (GMS-2036)

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