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Installing Context Services

This page details how you can install, then enable the Context Services APIs.

If your application needs the Customer Profile API due to backward compatibility issues, refer the migration page of this guide.

Installing the Genesys Mobile Services

Context Services uses the GMS platform to store data and implement additional features. In order to install the GMS/CS component, you must deploy GMS first. See the GMS Deployment Guide for details.

The Context Services installation CD contains a single installation package for both GMS and CS components. Follow GMS instructions prior to your installation. In particular, you must create a GMS application that you will use to enable and configure the Context Services.

Run the installation package of your GMS installation CD:

  1. Navigate to the installation directory \windows\b1\ip
  2. Double-click install.exe which is located in this directory.
  3. Follow instructions and enter the destination folder for the GMS installation.
If you already installed a version of GMS older than, you must upgrade to GMS version or higher.


The GMS installation includes all Context Services materials, including licensing. The installation wizard displays the following information for licensing:


The licensing materials include Context Services. If you select the Use License option, your users will have access to Genesys Mobile Services Functions, including Context Services.

Enabling Context Services


Purpose: To configure the cview variable which enables the Context Services.


  1. Start Genesys Administrator the Configuration Manager and navigate to PROVISIONING > Environment > Applications.
  2. Edit your GMS application.
  3. Select the Options tab, and click New to create a new option.
    • Enter cview for the Section.
    • Enter enabled for the Name.
    • Enter true for the Value.
  4. Click OK.


Accessing Context Services

Once Context Services is installed, enabled, and started, the services are available at the <GMS_HOST_BASE_URL>/genesys/1/cs base URL of your GMS host. Note that the <GMS_HOST_BASE_URL> must map the server/external_url_base option set in your application.

Checking that your Installation is Successful

The Genesys Mobile Services platform sees the Context Services as custom items and if your installation is successful, you can see Context Services in the home page of the Service Management User Interface.

  • You can get detailed information about the Service Management User Interface here.
  • You can also use the Context Services interface to manage your services.
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