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Configure Business Attributes

To enable Customer Journey, you must map Context Service keys to Business Attribute key-value pairs as described in this page.

The Business Attribute values are defined in the Tenant. Check the options reference for additional details.

If you change business attribute values in your configuration, users will need to refresh the Context Services Interface to see the changes taken into account.

Map Context Services with Business Attributes

  1. Edit your Context Services application in Genesys Administrator or Configuration Manager.
  2. In the Options tab, select the business-attributes section or the business-attributes.<TenantID> section if you are in a multi-tenant configuration.
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  3. Create the following options as follows.
    • Enter ${resource name}.${field name} for the Name such as, for instance: Service.service_type, Task.disposition, State.media_type.
      Possible ${resource name} values are:
      • Service
      • State
      • Task
    • Possible ${field name} values to map are:
      • type (for service type)
      • disposition
      • application_type
      • resource_type
      • media_type
    • For the Value, enter the name of the Business Attribute configured in the proper tenant.
      A Business Attribute can be mapped to several resource fields. For instance, the Service.media_type and Task.media_type string can both point to MediaType Business Attributes.
  4. Click Add to create a map-names option.
    • Enter map-names for the Name.
    • For the Value, enter:
      • true to return the Names of Business Attribute Values instead of DB IDs in the responses for GET operations.
      • false (default) to return the DB IDs of Business Attribute Values in the responses for GET operations.

Example of Mapped Values


In the example above, the list of service types is defined as the value of the ContextManagementService business attributes.

You can use the mapped business attributes, key and associated values, to retrieve resources through GET operations by setting to true the map-names options, as stated above.

Set Default Values for your Business Attributes


If you set a default business attribute value for one of your mapped business attributes, this value will be used by default for the mapped data in your Context Services queries.

Let's consider that you mapped the ContextManagementService attribute with the service_type data, and you set the BlueSkyServiceChat value as default. Then, if you perform a Service start:

POST /services/start

You do not have to specify the service_type property; service_type is automatically set by default to BlueSkyServiceChat.

Starting 8.5.105, the Context Services Interface uses display names in panels and lists. Make sure to set meaningful display names when defining Business Attributes and their attributes.
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