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Context Services 8.5 API Reference

This guide provides detailed description of REST resources and queries available in Context Services 8.5. Each page is presented with out-of-the-box query examples to meet your business needs.


The list of operations and resources should help you to create an application on top of Context Services using the REST technology:

  • Service management only require to install Context Services in GMS:
    • Start and stop services, as well as nested state and tasks.
    • Retrieve events.
    • Access nested data available as flexible JSON extensions.
  • Customer profile and interaction management requires a UCS deployment:
    • Create and fill in profiles,
    • Store interaction data.

Adding ContactCenterId and GroupId HTTP headers

In order to support multi-tenancy and business units, your Context Services queries need to include additional HTTP headers:

  • ContactCenterId contains the Tenant DBID or the Tenant Name that you set in your configuration..
  • GroupId contains an optional business unit name.
You must make sure that you provide these IDs in HTTP headers, not as part of the JSON Body content.

If your request does not include these headers, the Context Services handles the request in single-tenant mode and uses the provisioned tenant ID with no business unit name of your Context Service application.

Read also Configuring Tenancy.

ContactCenterId Errors

If you provide an incorrect ContactCenterId string, your application receives the following error message:

    "message": "Invalid tenant specified : specified tenant in HTTP header 'ContactCenterId'='wrong value' not configured. Verify configuration.",
    "exception": "com.genesyslab.gsg.services.contextservices.exceptions.ContextServicesExceptionResource"

If you do not provide the ContactCenterId string in a multi-tenant configuration, the error message is:

    "message": "Invalid tenant specified : no tenant specified in multi-tenant environment. Verify configuration and 'ContactCenterId' HTTP header.",
    "exception": "com.genesyslab.gsg.services.contextservices.exceptions.ContextServicesExceptionResource"
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