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Set Server Mode

ApiRef2.png POST /server/mode


Manages the UCS Mode for the Context Services. Two modes are available: Maintenance and Production.

  • If the server switches from maintenance to production mode, the system waits for a configured amount of time (default 1 minute) for the completion of all schema management requests (see Schema Operations).
  • If the server switches from production to maintenance mode, the system waits for the outstanding profile or service-related functions to complete.
    While the system is attempting to switch modes, all web service requests are denied with HTTP Status Code 503 (Service Unavailable).
Read the Server Mode page of the 8.5.0 developer's guide for further details about maintenance and production mode.


Method POST
URL /server/mode
Parameter   Type   Mandatory Description
mode token
  • maintenance
  • production
yes The mode to set (case-insensitive).


The UCS Server status is returned as a JSON object with the following fields: The Context Management Service API answers with HTTP codes for every request. The following table shows the correct response for a successful request. See HTTP Response Codes and Errors for further details on the possible codes that this operation can return.

HTTP code 200
HTTP message OK
Header Location /server/status
Body {"server changed":"${mode}"}


  • ${mode} is the string for the new UCS mode (production or maintenance).



 POST /server/mode


{"server changed":"production"}
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