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Query Business Attribute Schema

Prerequisites: You need to enable profiles in UCS.
GET /metadata/business-attributes


Returns the schema for the list of available business attributes.


Method GET
  1. All: /metadata/business-attributes
  2. /metadata/business-attributes/${business-attribute-name}
  3. /metadata/business-attributes?cv-attribute=${attribute-full-name}
Parameter   Type   Mandatory Description
${business-attribute-name} string no The name of the business attribute, in order to retrieve its schema only.
${attribute-full-name} string yes if ?cv-attribute= is part of the URL The full name of a Context Services' business attribute in order to retrieve its schema. Examples:
  • Service.type,
  • Task.disposition,
  • State.media_type

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The Context Management Service API answers with HTTP codes for every request. The following table shows the correct response for a successful request. See HTTP Response Codes and Errors for further details on the possible codes that this operation can return.

HTTP code 200
HTTP message OK
Parameter   Type   Mandatory Description
Body Business Attribute or BusinessAttribute[]
name string yes The business attribute's name.
dbid string yes The business attribute's database ID.
display_name string yes The business attribute's display name.
description string yes The description.
map_name boolean no
  • true means that the Business Attribute Value Names is returned instead of DB IDs in the responses for GET operations.
  • false means that DB IDs are returned in the responses for GET operations. See also [business-attributes] Section.
cv_attributes string[] no The associated Context Services attributes.
values BusinessAttribute[] no Nested possible attributes values.



 GET /metadata/business-attributes/MediaType


200 OK {
 "display_name" : "Media Type",
 "values" : [ { 
 "display_name" : "email",
 "description" : "Media EMail",
 "name" : "email",
 "dbid" : 1003
 }, {
 "display_name" : "chat",
 "description" : "Media Chat",
 "name" : "chat",
 "dbid" : 1006
 }, {
 "display_name" : "voice",
 "description" : "Media Voice",
 "name" : "voice",
 "dbid" : 1001
 }, {
 "display_name" : "fax",
 "description" : "Media Fax",
 "name" : "fax",
 "dbid" : 1014
 "description" : "Media type identifier",
 "name" : "MediaType",
 "dbid" : 1001,
 "map_name" : false,
 "cv_attributes" : [ "Service.media_type", "State.media_type", "Task.media_type" ]
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