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Merge Customer Profile

PUT /profiles/${customer_id}/merge/${src_id}


Merges two profiles together, transferring all relative data from one to the other (attributes and all of their extensions).

This operation is not reversible and the source profile will be deleted.
Starting with the 8.5.0 release, service, state, and task data are no longer handled in UCS and therefore will not be merged.


Method PUT
URI /profiles/${customer_id}/merge/${src_id}
Parameter   Type   Mandatory Description
URI Parameters
${customer_id} string yes The customer ID where the data is to be merged.
${src_id} string yes The customer ID of the source customer data to be merged. This ID will be deleted once the merge is complete.
Body Parameters
keep_uniq_from_src boolean no If there are duplicate attributes, determines which attribute to keep:
  • true—Keeps the attribute from the source.
  • false—Keeps the attribute from the destination (default).
keep_active_service_only boolean no Determines whether to merge the active records:
  • true—Merge active service records only.
  • false—Merge active and completed records (default).

For single valued profile extensions, and profile extension with unique attributes, the default is to keep the values from the destination profile. If keep_uniq_from_src is set to true, the source values will be kept, and the destination values will be discarded. Multi-valued extension content is copied to destination profile.

At the end of the operation, the source profile will be deleted with all completed services if the keep_active_service_only is set to true. The default operation is to transfer all active and completed services to the destination profile. Duplicate core attributes will be discarded. Core attribute duplication is determined by a case sensitive comparison of their values.

If mixed behavior is needed where some unique/single extension values must be kept from the source and others from the destination, it is recommended to update the destination profile before merging the profiles.

Profile merging is transactional, either the whole operation is a success or nothing is changed. If a source profile has a lot of services assigned (hundreds)to it, the merge operation can take a while, set your client timeouts accordingly.



Method: PUT
  "keep_active_service_only": false,
  "keep_uniq_from_src": false


Status: Status (204) - The server has fulfilled the request but does not need to return an entity-body, and might want to return updated meta-information
Reference: http://localhost:8222/profiles/00001b8BBKDX000D
Transfer-Encoding: null
Content-Type: application/octet-stream
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