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Sizing Calculator

Before deploying Context Services (CS) for your Conversation Manager solution, you must estimate the size of solution that will be able to handle the expected user load. Genesys recommends that you download the CS Storage Sizing Calculator, an Excel spreadsheet that you can use to help calculate the number of Context Services nodes required for your production deployment.

CS Storage Sizing Calculator

Using the Sizing Calculator Spreadsheet

To use the sizing calculator, The following information is required:

  • Approximate event size in bytes for event start/end/update of service/state/task (including extension data). You can extract this information from the JSON of the events.
  • Number of update events per services/states/tasks
  • Number of states/tasks per service
  • Number of Cassandra nodes and replication factor
  • Retention policy in days and number of conversation per day

The sizing calculator takes into account Cassandra storage specifics such as Replication Factor (storage size is multiplied by 3 as default replication), compression (ratio is estimated to 0.40 by default), and compaction overhead which requires more storage during cycles of data re-organization by Cassandra.

Input Example

CM Sizing Spreadsheet Example 1.png

Output Example

CM Sizing Spreadsheet Example 2.png

CM Sizing Spreadsheet Example 3.png

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