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Are you looking for tutorials to help you learn how to use this feature? Check out the Related Resources section at the bottom of this article.

The Print Preview window enables you to specify the format of email interactions before you print them.

To display the Print Preview window, open an email interaction then click Print (IW Print Button 850.png).

The Print Preview window enables you to do the following:

  • Print the email interaction by applying the layout that you specify in the Print Preview window. Click Print to print the specified layout. Click Cancel to close the Print Preview window.
  • Select a destination printer from the Destination drop-down list of printers that are available on your network.
  • Specify which pages to print: all pages, a range of pages and/or specific pages. Click All to print the entire document. Into the text field, enter a range—for example 2-6—or individual page numbers, separated by commas.
  • Specify the number of copies to print in the Copies field.
  • Specify a Portrait or Landscape layout.
  • Specify the page margins. Select Uniform Margins to make all of the margins match the value that you specify for the top margin, or un-select Uniform Margins and specify the margins for the top, left, right, and bottom margins. Margin units are determined by your local settings.
  • Add page numbers to the printout.
  • Print by using the System Print dialog box.

In the Print Layout view, you can preview your printout. The Print Layout view contains the following controls:

  • Zoom in/out
  • View at 100%
  • Fit the page into the view by page width
  • Fit the whole page into the view
  • View pages as front and back pairs side-by-side

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