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Spelling Check

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The spelling-check feature enables you to verify the spelling of the content of your message before you send it by using an interactive Spelling Checker. You have access to three dictionaries: a corporate dictionary that is defined by your administrator, a language-specific dictionary that you can choose from a drop-down menu, and a personal dictionary that is called My Dictionary.

Workspace creates a single dictionary for each agent. Any additions or changes that you make affect only your personal dictionary. If you are working at a different workstation, you can still access your personal dictionary, provided that you are logged in under your unique user name and password.

As you type your message, a red wavy line appears below each word that is not in the spelling-check dictionary that you have specified. Right-click the misspelled word to correct it or to add the word to your personal dictionary. You can also choose to ignore once (Ignore) or always ignore (Ignore All) the spelling.

If you try to send a message that contains misspelled world, your system might be configured to display a warning dialog box that asks you to confirm that you want to send the message without correcting the potential misspelled words. Click Yes to send the message anyway, or click No to return to the message and correct the misspelled words. [Added:]

The spelling-check context menu contains the following options:

  • Suggestions—A list of words from the currently selected dictionary that might be the correct spelling of the underlined word.
  • Ignore—Do not mark this instance of this spelling as incorrect.
  • Ignore All—Do not mark any instance of this spelling as incorrect.
  • Add to Dictionary—Add this spelling to the currently selected dictionary.
  • Spell Checking—Turn spelling check on and off. You can also turn spelling check on and off by clicking the Check Spelling button next to the language drop-down menu.
  • Languages—Select the language that you want to use for spelling check.

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