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SideBar shares the configuration namespace '_genesys.widgets.sidebar'. SideBar has UI options to handle the position of sidebar on the screen, disable expand feature sidebar, hide sidebar and add new channels on the fly. The display of channels order is based on the order defined in channels configuration array.


window._genesys.widgets.sidebar = {

	showOnStartup: true,

	position: 'left',

	expandOnHover: true,

	channels: [{

			name: 'ChannelSelector', 
			clickCommand: '', 
			clickOptions: {}, 

			 //use your own static string or i18n query string for the below two display properties
			displayName: 'Live Assist', 
			displayTitle: 'Get live help',

			icon: 'agent'

			name: 'Search', 
			clickCommand: '', 
			clickOptions: {}, 

			 // Example of i18n query string: '@i18n:search.SearchName' where 'search' refers to the plugin namepsace and 'SearchName' refers to the property key containing the actual text.

			displayName: '@i18n:search.SearchName', 
			displayTitle: '@i18n:search.SearchTitle', 

			icon: 'knowledge-center', 
			onClick: function ($, CXBus, Common) {

			name: 'Offers', 
			displayName: '@i18n:sidebar.OffersName', 
			displayTitle: '@i18n:sidebar.OffersName' 

			name: 'ClickToCall', 
			displayName: '@i18n:sidebar.ClickToCallName', 
			displayTitle: '@i18n:sidebar.ClickToCallTitle' 

			name: 'WebChat' 


Name Type Description Default Required
showOnStartup boolean Shows the sidebar on the screen when Widgets is launched. true false
position string Defines the position of sidebar on the screen. right false
expandOnHover boolean Enables the expand (slide-out) or contract (slide-in) behaviour of sidebar. true false
channels[index].name string Name of the channel. It can be found in the namespace section documentation of each Widget. Used to identify official channels vs custom channels. If a reserved name is used here, Sidebar will apply default values for that channel. A plugin name defined in the new custom plugin can also be given here. To override the default values or when defining a new custom channel/plugin, use the below following properties. n/a true
channels[index].clickCommand string Change the default command that is triggered when clicked. n/a false
channels[index].clickOptions object Pass valid command options that are used in above click command execution. n/a n/a
channels[index].displayName string or i18n query string Change the default display name for this channel with your own static string or to achieve localization, use i18n query string. Syntax: @i18n:<plugin namespace>.<display key>. n/a false
channels[index].displayTitle string or i18n query string Change the default tooltip content for this channel with your own static string or to achieve localization, use i18n query string. Syntax: @i18n:<plugin namespace>.<display key>. n/a false
channels[index].icon string Change the default Icon for this channel. For the list of Icon names see Included Icons. n/a false
channels[index].onClick function Define a custom onclick function, this overrides clickCommand and clickOptions. n/a false
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