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SendMessage and SendMessageService share the configuration namespace '_genesys.widgets.sendmessage'. SendMessage has UI options while SendMessageService has connection options.


window._genesys.widgets.sendmessage = {

	apikey: 'n3eNkXXXXXXXXXXXX',
	dataURL: 'http://host:port/genesys/2/email',

	SendMessageButton: {

		enabled: true,
		template: <div class='cx-icon' data-icon='email'></div>,
		effect: 'fade',
		openDelay: 1000,
		effectDuration: 300


Name Type Description Default Required Introduced / Updated
formValidation boolean Enable/Disable browser form validations.

Note: This option is not applicable when custom forms are used.
true n/a
uploadsEnabled boolean Show/Hide the Attach Files link in the UI, will be shown if the value is set to true. This enables or disables the file upload feature. true n/a
SendMessageButton.enabled boolean Enable/Disable Send Message button on screen.

Note: In case of running Widgets in lazy load mode, this option requires SendMessage plugin to be pre-loaded.
false n/a
SendMessageButton.template string Custom HTML string template for Send Message button
<div class='cx-widget cx-send-message-button cx-side-button' data-message='SendMessageButton' data-gcb-service-node='true'><span class='cx-icon' data-icon='email'></span><span class='i18n cx-send-message-button-label' data-message='SendMessageButton'></span></div>
SendMessageButton.effect string Type of animation effect when revealing Send Message button ('slide' or 'fade'). fade n/a
SendMessageButton.openDelay number Number of milliseconds before displaying send message button on screen. 1000 n/a
SendMessageButton.effectDuration number Length of animation effect in milliseconds. 300 n/a
form object An object containing a custom registration form definition. The definition placed here becomes the default registration form layout for SendMessage. See Customizable SendMessage Registration Form A basic registration form is defined internally by default n/a
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