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API Commands

Once you've registered your own plugin on the bus, you can call commands on other registered plugins. Below we'll quickly register a new plugin on the bus using the global bus object.

The global bus object is a debug tool. When implementing Widgets on your own site, do not use the global bus object to register your custom plugins. Instead, see Widgets Extensions for more information about extending Genesys Widgets.

var oMyPlugin = window._genesys.widgets.bus.registerPlugin('MyPlugin');


Internal use only. The main App plugin shares configuration settings to widgets using each widget’s configure command. The configure command can only be called once at startup. Calling configure again after startup may result in unpredictable behavior.


oMyPlugin.command('StatsService.configure', {
		apikey: '12345',
		dataURL: 'http://localhost:8080/foo/bar'
	ajaxTimeout: 10000
	// StatsService configured successfully
	// StatsService failed to configure


Option Type Description
ewt.apikey string Apigee Proxy secure token
ewt.dataURL URL String URL of GMS server
ajaxTimeout number Number of milliseconds to wait before AJAX timeout.


Status When Returns
resolved When configuration options are provided and set n/a
rejected When no configuration options are provided 'Invalid configuration'


Make a request to Genesys Stats server to fetch EWT details.


oMyPlugin.command('StatsService.getStats', {
	group: 'EWT',
	vqName: 'chat_ewt_test_eservices',
	mode: 'urs2'
	// StatsService got stats successfully
	// StatsService failed to get stats


Option Type Description
group string Mention specific group name you would like to request like EWT, etc.
vqName string/array Specify a single virtual queue name as a string or a list of virtual queue names as an array. EWT will be fetched only for these virtual queues specified here. If nothing is specified, EWT will be fetched for all the available virtual queues.
mode string Specify EWT mode. This will vary based on apiVersion. Refer to mode configuration option for possible values.


Status When Returns
resolved When server returns EWT data (AJAX Response Object)
rejected When server fail request fails 'EWT request failed due to unknown reason'
rejected When no EWT dataURL provided 'Invalid EWT configuration'
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