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KnowledgeCenterService Widget is available starting from the version of the Genesys Widgets

KnowledgeCenterService exposes a high-level API for utilizing Genesys Knowledge Center services. You can use these services for exposing corporate knowledge on the web site via standard widgets or for developing your own custom knowledge-aware widgets. KnowledgeCenterService provides a unified way for all widgets utilizing bus communication to access the corporate knowledge easily.


KnowledgeCenterService and the matching Search and ChatDeflection widgets work together right out of the box and they share the same configuration object. Using Search or ChatDeflection requires use of KnowledgeCenterService.

You can also use KnowledgeCenterService as a high-level API using bus commands and events to build your own knowledge-aware widget or other UI features based on KnowledgeCenterService events.


Knowledge Center Service plugin has the following namespaces tied-up with each of the following types.

Type Namespace
Configuration knowledgecenter
CXBus - API Commands & API Events KnowledgeCenterService


KnowledgeCenterService has many configuration options but no customization options. It is meant as a plug-n-play type of plugin and works as-is.

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