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ClickToCall and ClickToCallService share the configuration namespace '_genesys.widgets.clicktocall'. ClickToCall has UI options while ClickToCallService has connection options.


window._genesys.widgets.clicktocall = {

	'ajaxTimeout' : 3000,
	'provideAccessCode' : true,
	'dataURL' : 'http://www.myphoneservice.org',
	'apikey' : 'YOUR_API_KEY',
	'userData' : {}


Name Type Description Default Required
ajaxTimeout Number Sets the default ajax timeout in milliseconds. 3000 false
provideAccessCode boolean Enables or disables the use of a dial in access code for user verification. true false
dataURL string URL of GMS ClickToCall API endpoint. n/a true
apikey string or number Apigee Proxy secure token. n/a Yes, if using Apigee Proxy.
userData object Arbitrary JSON attached data to include while requesting ClickToCall phone number. {} n/a
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