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StatsService share the configuration namespace '_genesys.widgets.stats'. StatsService has connection settings to fetch EWT details from each channel.


window._genesys.widgets.stats = {

	ajaxTimeout: 3000,

	ewt: {

		dataURL: '',
		apikey: 'n3exxxxxXREBMYjGxxxx8VA',
		apiVersion: 'v1',
		mode: 'urs2'


Name Type Description Default Required Accepted Values
ajaxTimeout number Number of milliseconds to wait before AJAX timeout 3000 n/a n/a
ewt.apikey string Apigee Proxy secure token. If apiVersion is v3, this holds the x-api-key value. n/a Yes, if using Apigee Proxy. or v3 API. n/a
ewt.dataURL URL String URL to the API endpoint for Estimated Wait Time (EWT) n/a Always n/a
ewt.apiVersion string Version of EWT API.

Note: This value determines the version of EWT API in GMS/v3. That is:
'v1' - GMS EWT v1
'v2' - GMS EWT v2
'v3' - EWT v3
Only GET request type with virtual queue name as query parameters are supported.
'v1' Yes, if using GMS EWT v2 or EWT v3 dataURL 'v1', 'v2', 'v3'
ewt.mode string EWT mode parameter for GMS/v3 API. This value will vary based on the above apiVersion. Will vary based on the above apiVersion as shown below.

'urs2' for 'v1' 
'ewt2' for 'v2' 
'mode2' for 'v3'
'urs','urs2' or 'stat' for 'v1' 
'ewt1,'ewt2' or 'ewt3' for 'v2' 
'mode1','mode2' or 'mode3' for 'v3'
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