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Calendar share the configuration namespace '_genesys.widgets.calendar'. Calendar has UI options.


window._genesys.widgets.calendar = {

	showAvailability: true,
	numberOfDays: 5,
	hideUnavailableTimeSlots: false

	calendarHours: {

		interval: 10,
		allDay: {

			openTime: '09:00',
			closeTime: '23:59'


Name Type Description Default Required
showAvailability boolean Enable/disable calendar to update the timeslots based on the callback availability. The unavailable timeslots are greyed out. true n/a
numberOfDays number The number of days to display on calendar starting today. 5 n/a
timeFormat number/string This sets the time format for the timestamps in this widget. It can be 12 or 24. 12 n/a
hideUnavailableTimeSlots boolean Show/hide the unavailable callback time slots. false n/a
calendarHours.interval number The time interval between each consecutive timeslot displayed on calendar. 15 n/a
calendarHours.allDay.openTime number Opening time in 'HH:MM' 24 Hr format. 17:00 n/a
calendarHours.allDay.closeTime number Closing time in 'HH:MM' 24 Hr format. 23:59 n/a
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