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WebChatService exposes a high-level API for utilizing Genesys chat services. You can you use these services for monitoring and modifying a chat session on the front-end or for developing your own custom WebChat widgets. Rather than developing a custom chat UI and using the chat REST API, using WebChatService drastically simplifies integration and greatly improves reliability, features, and compatibility on the bus for all widgets.


WebChatService and the matching WebChat widget work together right out of the box and they share the same configuration object. Using WebChat uses WebChatService.

You can also use WebChatService as a high-level API using bus commands and events to build your own WebChat widget or other UI features based on WebChatService events.


WebChat Service plugin has the following namespaces tied-up with each of the following types.

Type Namespace
Configuration webchat
CXBus - API Commands & API Events WebChatService


WebChatService has many configuration options but no customization options. It is meant as a plug-n-play type of plugin and works as-is.


Multiple instances of the same chat session

After starting a chat session, that session can be opened in any number of new tabs on the same site. Each tab runs an independent instance of WebChat connected to the same chat session. Instances are not synchronized with each other, however, which may result in unusual behavior. The following limitations apply:

  • When using CometD mode (long-polling or websockets), messages will not be synchronized between tabs.
  • Inactivity messages and other dialog messages will not be synchronized between tabs.
  • The number of unread messages displayed will not be synchronized between tabs.
  • The minimized state of WebChat will not be synchronized between tabs.
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