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The Offers widget allows a customer to view a product or promotion on a page. It comes with many display modes and options such as text, image and video. Other features include a timeout and video event binding support.


Although an offer can be configured via the static configuration, offers must be launched via the following method:


The full configuration for the offers widget can be passed in as a JSON object to the open command. Calling an empty open command will attempt to open the last successful widget configuration.

Static Configuration

The static configuration can be defined for the Offers widget, and will be displayed by calling an empty open command.

3rd party Video Libraries

An optional parameter is available to enable YouTube and Vimeo videos to be displayed using the widget. This feature requires the loading of 3rd party libraries from YouTube and Vimeo. It is disabled by default in order to prevent 3rd party library loading.

Sidebar Configuration

The sidebar configuration is available for Offers, details can be found here


WebChat plugin has the following namespaces tied-up with each of the following types.

Type Namespace
Configuration Offers
i18n - Localization Offers
CXBus - API Commands & API Events Offers
CSS .cx-offers


"Dark" Theme

"Light" Theme

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