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Callback and CallbackService share the configuration namespace '_genesys.widgets.callback'. Callback has UI options while CallbackService has connection options.


// If using Callback API v1

 window._genesys.widgets.callback = {

	dataURL: 'http://host:port/genesys/1/service/callback/samples',
	userData: {},
	countryCodes: true

// If using Callback API v3

window._genesys.widgets.callback = {

	apiVersion: 'v3',
	serviceName: 'service',
	dataURL: 'http://host:port/callbacks',
	userData: {},
	countryCodes: true


Name Type Description Default Required Accepted Values
apikey string Apigee Proxy secure token. If apiVersion is v3, this holds the x-api-key value. n/a Yes, if using Apigee Proxy n/a
dataURL URL String URL to the API endpoint for Callback n/a Always n/a
apiVersion string Version of Callback API

Note: This value determines the version of Callback API in GMS/v3.
'v1' Yes, if using Callback v3 dataURL 'v1', 'v3'
serviceName string Service Name of Callback API in v3 n/a Yes, if using Callback v3 dataURL n/a
userData object Arbitrary attached data to include while scheduling a callback {} n/a
ajaxTimeout number Number of milliseconds to wait before AJAX timeout 3000 n/a
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