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When setting up configuration objects, such as DNs, users, places, and so on, that share some properties, Genesys Administrator Extension enables you to clone an existing object. Configuration options of the original object are also included in the clone operation. That is, you create close copies of the existing object, with some of the properties and all options set to the same value as the original object. You only need to enter or update values in the fields.

However, you might want to block some configuration options from being cloned. For example, you may not want to clone the [provisioning_flags] section to a new object's properties. Starting in release 8.5.240, you can specify the configuration option sections that you do not want cloned by setting the [com].exclude_clone option to the configuration option section name (or comma-separated list of section names, if more than one) in the Application Options tab of the GAX Application object. This setting applies to all objects configured in GAX that have the same section name, not just to the section of the object that you wanted to block.

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