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History Window

The History window displays a record of bulk (upload) operations.


To open the History window, click History in the Agents window. The History window lists recent bulk operations in descending order by time, that is, most recent first. The window contains the following columns:

  • History of Operations—The name of the .csv file that was uploaded or downloaded. If the operation is still in progress, its progress is displayed in terms of the number of records that have been processed. If the operation is finished. The total number of records processed, created, and updated is displayed, as is the number or records that were not processed because they contained an error.
  • User—The username of the logged in user who ran the operation. This information is not displayed until the operation is finished.
  • Date—The date and time when the operation finished.

The operations are listed by status in the following order: FAILURE, IN-PROGRESS, QUEUED, STOPPED, and COMPLETE. For each status, they are listed in descending order by time, that is, most recent first. The History window is refreshed every 5 seconds to keep you up to date on the state of current bulk operations.

Actions on Multiple Operations

The controls in the top left corner of the History window are:

  • Import—Enables you to upload a CSV file. See Uploading a File for detailed instructions.
  • Create Spreadsheet—Creates an empty template file containing all the mandatory columns plus any that you specify. the columns. See Generating an Empty Template File for detailed instructions.
  • Delete—Removes the selected operations from the list. This does not remove the files themselves, just their record for purposes of this list.
  • Show Quick Filter—Enables you to filter the list of operations to those in which you are interested.

Actions on Single Operations

In addition to the controls listed above, you can also click the gear-wheel icon next to the name of the CSV file to display a list of actions available for that particular operation. The actual actions available depend on the status of the operation itself, but can include:

  • Stop Operation—Stops the upload of the CSV file, if it is still in progress. GAX displays a warning that some records will not be processed, and prompts you for confirmation. Click Yes, STOP operation, and the operation stops. In addition to the usual record counts, the number of records not processed is displayed.
  • View Details—Displays a list of records in the CSV file for any operation that is COMPLETED, either run to completion or stopped intentionally. An additional column Operation, shows the outcome for each record (Created, Updated, Error, or Not Processed). To view just those records with a specific outcome, clicke of the outcomes listed in the top right corner. To filter the record by another set of criteria, Show Quick Filter. To view only certain columns, click Column Picker and clear those columns that you do not want to see displayed. To export some or all of the records to a spreadsheet, select the records and Export. Then follow the steps in Exporting Data.
  • Delete—Removes just this operation from the list of operations. This does not remove the file itself, just its record for purposes of this list. To remove more than one operation at once, select the operations and use Delete at the top of the window, as described above.
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