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Managing Configuration Options for Multiple Objects

GAX enables you to manage configuration options for multiple configuration objects at the same time. In other words, you can add, remove, or modify option sections, names, and values for objects that you select. This functionality saves you having to individually select each object in a set of objects that require the same modifications and/or need to be added or removed. This impact is multiplied if you have to make the same option changes to a group of objects.

This functionality applies to all configuration objects.

  • You can only use this feature to manage options for Agents in Configuration Manager by selecting them as Accounts > Persons (Users).
  • Configuration options are case-sensitive.

To use this functionality, do the following:

  1. Open Configuration Manager in GAX and select the object type for which you want to manage options.
  2. Select the objects for which you want to manage objects by selecting the checkbox next to the object name, navigating to the folder where they are located, if necessary.
    To make it easier, start in the folder that contains the most objects for which you are changing objects. You can select ones from other folders later.
  3. Select Manage Options in the More menu. The Manage Options window opens. This window is where you specify any option changes that you want to make to the objects, as described in the following steps.
  4. On the Select tab, use the Add and Remove buttons to fine-tune the list of objects for which you will manage their options.
  5. On the Update, Remove, and Add tabs, use the Add, Edit, and Remove buttons to create a list of options in each tab that you want to modify for, remove from, and add to (respectively) the objects that you have selected (they are listed in the the Select tab). Note the following:
    • Changes specified in the Update tab are applied only against existing options.
    • The Remove tab is not concerned with an option value, since the option will be removed regardless of value.
  6. After you have finished listing affected options in the three tabs, the Execute tab displays each selected object with the changes that are to be applied to its options. Review the information, and do one of the following:
    • If the information is correct, click Execute to apply the changes. When complete, the tab will display the status of the operation and the number of objects changed.
    • If the information is not correct, click Back to make any changes.
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