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Troubleshooting GAX

Lost Connections to Database

If the Configuration Server is connected directly to the Configuration Database (dbthread=true in the Configuration Server Application object), and the connection to the Database is lost for some reason, try using the Configuration Server Application runtime option force-offline to restore the connections.

This option, set in the Configuration Server section of the primary Configuration Server Application object, stops and starts connections to the Configuration Database. By default, it is set to false, since the connections are enabled at startup and do not need to be restored. If the connections have been lost, do the following:

  1. Set force-offline=true. This stops all connections to the Configuration Database, and puts Configuration Server (and therefore GAX) in read-only mode.
  2. Set force-offline=false. This restores all connections to the Configuration Database, and restores Configuration Server (and therefore GAX) to read-write mode.

This action, in effect, jump-starts the connections.

When you are swapping GAX in and out of read-only mode, do not change the Configuration Server Application object in any other way.

Error Messages

This section describes error messages that you might receive when using GAX, and provides recommended actions to resolve or mitigate the error. Error messages are displayed in a red banner at the top of the page in which they occur.

Mirroring Errors

A mirroring error will read something like this:

Cannot mirror folder path <path name> under <folder name> folder of 
  switch <switch name> Please check GAX log for more detail.


This error is generated when you are creating an agent in a specific folder structure and specifying the DNs and Agent Logins, but do not have the correct permissions to any folder in the path.

Recommended Actions

Ensure that the user creating the agent has correct permissions for the specified folder.

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