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Bulk Assignment of Skills to Agents

Genesys Administrator Extension enables you to assign Skills and associated ratings to multiple Agents with one click. You can even create a new Skill and assign it within the current view.

  1. In the Agents view, select one or more Agents for whom you will be adding, modifying, or removing the same Skills. This activates the Edit Skills option in the Agents view toolbar.
  2. Select Edit Skills. This opens the Edit_<n>_Agents dialog box, where <n> is the number of Agents selected.
    When this Edit Agents dialog box is open, you cannot perform any other operation in GAX within the current browser window. However, you can open a different browser tab or window concurrently to access the other operations in GAX. See Step 4 for information about the implications of logging out of GAX or closing your browser while this dialog box is open.
  3. To modify what Skills are assigned to selected Agents, do any of the following:
    All Ratings must be a numerical value. Do not assign a Rating of Mixed to Agents; this term is used by GAX to indicate that selected Agents have different Ratings for the Skill.
    • To assign a Skill:
      To create a new Skill, enter its Name in the Quick Filter box, press Enter, and then give it a numeric Rating.
      • If a Skill is not associated with any Agents (the selection box is empty), click twice in the selection box to change it to a checkmark, and enter the rating that you want to assign to the Agents.
      • If a Skill is already associated with some of the selected Agents (the selection box contains a dash (-)), clickce in the selection box to change it to a checkmark, and if required, enter or change the Rating value.
    • To remove an active skill from all selected Agents, clickce or twice in the selection box to clear it.
    • To modify a Skill Rating, click in the Rating field of the Skill and enter the new value. Note that the new value will apply only for selected Agents as indicated by the state of the selection box (checkmark–all; dash–some; empty–none).
  4. When you have finished making the changes, click Apply to save your changes. This opens a progress window, displaying real-time progress and results of the operation.

    Updates are processed in batches of 10 Agents per batch. Do not log out of GAX or close your browser while the updates are being processing. If you do log out or close your browser before the operation is complete, the process stops, and only those batches completed up to the process stoppage are complete.

    For example, if you have selected 25 Agents, the changes are committed in three batches—two of ten Agents, and one of five Agents. If you log out or close the current browser session before the second batch of ten Agents has been processed or at least queued for processing at the GAX server, only the changes for the first 10 Agents (the first batch) will be saved. The changes for the second and third batches will not be made and will be discarded.

  5. When the operation is complete, the progress window displays the final results of the operation. To view a detailed list of the results, click View Details Summary. This shows what Agents were updated successfully and what Agents were not updated. Click Hide Details Summary to go back to the summary of results, or click Close Window to close this window completely and return to the Agent's view.

Edit Agents Dialog Box

The Edit <n> Agents dialog box, where n is the number of Agents selected, displays a list of all Skills available for assignment to Agents.

Skills that have already been assigned to one or more or the selected Agents are listed first, and are considered active. In addition:

  • If all selected Agents have the Skill, the Skill is marked with a checkmark in its selection box.
  • If some but not all selected Agents have the Skill, the Skill is marked with a dash (-).

If none of the selected Agents have the Skill, the Skill is considered inactive, the selection box is empty, and the Skill appears greyed-out. Note that inactive is different from the Skill object being in a disabled state.

The Ratings column shows the ratings associated with corresponding Skills for all the selected Agents. If all selected Agents have different ratings for a Skill, a rating of Mixed is displayed; otherwise, the rating value (posessed by all of the selected agents) is given.

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