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Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: When application is started or restarted.

Specifies whether interaction windows are docked or undocked.

  • true: Interaction windows are docked to the interaction bar. Use the interaction-bar.quick-access-modes option to specify pinned or floating mode.
  • false: Interaction windows are undocked from the interaction bar (pre-8.5.0 legacy mode).

Note: In legacy mode, the Main Window layout is the same as when Quick Access is enabled: the interaction bar is located on the right of the Team Communicator control (instead of below it, as in the 8.1.4 release), and the Supporting Views are accessible from the ‘hamburger’ menu (instead of the toolbar buttons, as in the 8.1.4 release).


Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately.

If an agent is already handling an interaction with a contact, this option specifies whether an in-progress interaction of the given media type, opened from the Contact History tab, is displayed in the current interaction view or in a separate case view. Note: you cannot display more than one Email interaction in the same view.

Workspace Desktop Edition Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
08/27/20 Update X

Helpful Links

What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Workspace can now display Rich Media elements contained in Chatbot messages sent to a contact who is connected to the Genesys WebChat Widget. This applies to live Chat interactions and the History view. (IW-16565)

  • Use the <media-type>.contact-history.enable-combine-interaction-with-current option to specify whether an interaction opened from Contact History should be merged with the current case or opened in a new case. (IW-16785)

  • For both English and localized deployments, you can now configure the Workspace string dictionary to suppress specific error messages when you do not want certain error codes displayed to agents. Add the following attribute to any error codes that you do not want to display: DisplayErrorMessage="0"

    For example, in the file LanguagesGenesyslab.Desktop.Modules.Voice.en-US.xml:

    <Value Id="TServer.Error56" Text="Workspace is requesting a function and specifying an invalid connectionID." DisplayErrorMessage="0"/>

    Note: You must add your updated dictionary file to the software distribution. (IW-16588)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

When Workspace displays interactions in separate, maximized interaction windows, the width of the left side of the interaction windows is now correctly restored when a new interaction is created. Previously, starting with, the right side of the interaction window was too narrow. (IW-16824)

Reporting on the end of an SMS session has been improved. (IW-16809)

Workspace no longer becomes unresponsive when displaying HTML email interactions structured in columns where the first column is empty. (IW-16787)

Workspace no longer exits unexpectedly when attempting to display an interaction view from a plugin, such as the Social Media plugin. (IW-16782)

In environments where agents are configured to work in SIP Server nailed-up mode, a Team Lead/Supervisor who forces the agent state to Ready no longer receives a "phantom" call that cannot be controlled. (IW-16780)

Workspace no longer sends an empty email reply message when it fails to load an image referenced in the signature template. (IW-16770)

When the main window is configured in auto-hide mode and is minimized by a system action, the Maximize context menu item of the Windows taskbar Workspace application now unhides the main toolbar and preserves the toolbar's docked status. Previously, in this scenario, the Maximize button caused the main toolbar to become undocked. (IW-16767)

Determination of focus time is now more robust. Previously, focus time tracking could stop after an interaction was closed. (IW-16757)

For regional settings, where the decimal separation symbol is "," (comma) and the digit grouping symbol is "." (dot), float values now display correctly. Previously, floating point numbers in Outbound record values did not display correctly. (IW-16753)

Workspace now correctly interprets CSS attribute selectors specified in the body of HTML email interactions. (IW-16751)

In Contact History, the display of Chat interactions with long transcripts has been improved.

The reloading of group-based statistics after a large number of changes to agent group membership, for example due to a change in agent skills, has been improved. (IW-16744)

An improved date separator has been added for live or asynchronous Chat interactions that last more than a day or that occur past midnight to improve the visibility of the message chronology. The date separator is also added to the Chat transcript in the Contact History. (IW-16716)

Workspace now correctly restores the agent state if Workspace becomes temporarily disconnected from the network while the agent is in After Call Work status. (IW-16694)

Workspace now remembers the dimensions of the Notes/Dispositions area of the interaction view after an agent has manually adjusted the height of panel. (IW-16655)

Workspace no longer delays event processing of a Chat interaction in the following scenario:

  • Timed Chat auto-mark done is enabled.
  • The value of the interaction-bar.enable-quick-access option is set to true.
  • Main Window auto-hide is enabled.
  • Agent handles two simultaneous interactions where at least one is a Chat interaction and the Chat interaction is the first interaction.
  • Agents changes to Contact information in first chat interaction have not been saved.
  • Agent ends the first Chat interaction.
  • The second Chat interaction is in focus.
  • The first Chat interaction is automatically closed.


Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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