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Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: Re:<SPACE>
Valid Values: Any valid character string.
Changes Take Effect: Immediately.

Specifies the reply-prefix that is added to subject of the inbound email. This option can be overridden by a routing strategy, as described in Overriding Options by Using a Routing Strategy. The routing strategy can be used to identify the language of the email interaction and the reply prefix used by customers, and then to apply the same prefix to contact center replies in the email thread [Added:].

  • Workspace removes multiple reply prefixes and appends either the prefix specified by the routing strategy, the prefix specified by this option, or the default prefix if no prefix is configured [Added:].
  • Workspace only adds the reply prefix at the beginning of the subject if one does not already exist [Added:].
  • Agents can manually edit the subject prefix of a reply email interaction.


Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: 0
Valid Values: Any valid positive integer between 0 and 100. 0 means no limits.
Changes Take Effect: At the next interaction.

The total maximum number of files that agents can attach to chat interaction. An error message is displayed to the agent if the total number of attached files exceeds this value. The value 0 means that there is no restriction.

Workspace Desktop Edition Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
02/14/19 Update X

Helpful Links

What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Workspace can now display Personal Voice Mailboxes that are configured at the Agent level in Feature Server. Previously, only Personal Voice Mailboxes created at the 'AgentLogin' or 'DN' level were supported. (IW-15717)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

When an agent receives a file attachment without an associated text message as part of a chat interaction, Workspace now plays an audio and visual notification. (IW-15953)

Plain text inbound emails are now correctly displayed to agents. Previously, when the attributes of the plain text email were improperly formatted, the body of the email could appear blank in the interaction view. (IW-15945)

The 'IsItPossibleToMarkDone' attribute of the developer 'IInteraction' interface now correctly reports the value false when an eServices interaction is delivered to the agent but is not yet accepted by the agent. (IW-15938)

Workspace no longer exits unexpectedly when it tries to play a configured audio notification. Previously, for example, when playing the ringing tone for an incoming email interaction, Workspace could exit unexpectedly. (IW-15933)

In an environment where Workspace is connected to Universal Contact Server (UCS) 9.1, Workspace now inserts into UCS a single record for each voice interaction. Previously, in this kind of environment, when a call was answered by an agent while call key-value pairs were updated by the back-end systems, several interaction records could be inserted in UCS for a single call. (IW-15924)

The value of the chat.max-attachments-files option is now correctly taken into account. Previously, the limit defined by this option was bypassed in some scenarios. (IW-15913)

Emails containing a large number of lines (hundreds of thousands of lines) now display more quickly. Agents can use the preview in the browser from the context menu to view the full email content if the display is truncated. (IW-15907)

In the Interaction Search view, agents can now use the Mark Done and Change Contact actions from the More Actions menu for a voice call that is still in-progress but is not being actively handled by the agent. (IW-15902)

Email interactions containing a large number of plain text hyperlinks now display more quickly. (IW-15901)

The Quick Search functionality of the Interaction History views now correctly handles the apostrophe character in the search query specified by the agent. (IW-15900)

A compatibility issue introduced in release that affected the Skype For Business plugin has been fixed. (IW-15894)

Team Leads can now force the logout of an eServices (multimedia) agent when Workspace is connected to the back-up Interaction Server. (IW-15886)

The processing of email interactions that contain very large images has been improved. Previously, the processing of such email interactions could consume a large amount of memory, resulting in Workspace becoming unresponsive. (IW-15885)

Workspace no longer displays the content of two email interactions in the same interaction view in a scenario where a forward email is created and the original email of the same thread is subsequently opened from the Contact history. (IW-15882)

When an agent forwards an inbound email interaction, the content of the Note is now correctly copied from the original interaction and is automatically appended to the corresponding forwarding information line when the email is forwarded. (IW-15848)

The 'Interaction.DateCreated' Standard Response field code is now processed in UTC time like the other field codes of type 'Date'. (IW-15846)

Workspace now ensures that the value of the email.reply-prefix option is always added to the subject of sent email interactions. Previously, when the default prefix ('Re:') was present in the middle of the subject of the inbound email, the configured prefix was not prepended to the subject of the outbound email. (IW-15804)

The Quick Search functionality of the Archive in the Contact History and My History views now correctly supports custom interaction attributes. (IW-15765)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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