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Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: false
Valid Values: true,false
Changes Take Effect: When the application is started or restarted

Specifies whether the voice channels are in the Ready state at login.


Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: ACDQueue
Valid Values: A comma-separated list of valid object types from the following list: ACDQueue, RoutingPoint, VirtualQueue
Changes Take Effect: When the application is started or restarted.

Enables agents to choose a login queue from a drop-down list or to enter the login queue manually. If this option is empty, agents can type any valid login queue name. If set to "ACDQueue", "RoutingPoint" , "VirtualQueue" or " ACDQueue,RoutingPoint" agents can select one of the defined queues or routing points from a drop-down list.


Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: When the application is started or restarted.

Specifies whether the agent must enter the ACD Queue for the voice channel in the login window.


Section: interaction-workspace
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: At the next agent search.

Specifies that a Team Lead may change the status of an agent only if the agent is a member of an Agent Group that the Team Lead supervises. When set to false, any Team Lead can change the agent's status. Relies on the 'Team Lead - Can Change Agent Status' privilege being granted.

Workspace Desktop Edition Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
12/20/18 General X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Workspace now supports Genesys Softphone for voice calls in standard environments. Install Genesys Softphone in Connector mode on agent workstations. When agents log in, Workspace dynamically configures and registers Genesys Softphone. (IW-15730)
  • Workspace can now display the full content of a malformed HTML email when there is a missing <dl> tag in a <dt>, <dd> sequence. (IW-15796 & IW-15850)
  • Workspace is now able to resend and forward previously sent outgoing email interactions that have the 'In Progress' status. Previously, those actions were available only for outgoing email interactions with the 'Done' status. (IW-15715)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The display of the first paragraph in the email HTML editor now matches what the email recipient sees. Previously, the first paragraph could be formatted with a defined margin instead of a null margin. (IW-15863)

Team Communicator performance is improved for Team Leads configured as the supervisor of large Agent Groups. (IW-15853)

Workspace now correctly handles the creation of a Callback interaction in UCS interaction history when its referenced parent interaction is missing. Previously, if 'ParentId' pointed to a missing interaction, a Callback interaction was not created in UCS. (IW-15838)

For agents working in predictive or progressive campaigns, the voice channel now immediately logs off when OCS authorizes the logout during Negotiated Logout processing. Previously, a delay of 10 seconds might have occurred. (IW-15833)

Workspace now prevents users from requesting an update of the Interaction Queue view when an operation is in progress. Previously, multiple update requests in parallel resulted in errors displayed on the agent's screen. (IW-15820)

When editing an outgoing HTML email interaction, adding a new paragraph by pressing the Enter key now creates a paragraph where the left and right margins are aligned with the previous paragraph. Previously, the new paragraph was added with no margin. (IW-15819)

Workspace can now display HTML email interaction text that has the font size specified in 'rem' units.

Limitation: Workspace processes 'rem' units like it processes 'em' units, applying an absolute size conversion. (IW-15816)

Workspace now correctly copies to the HTML part of the clipboard, text content that has multi-byte symbols, such as non-Latin characters. (IW-15810)

Workspace now accepts multi-line Callback instruction text. Previously, specifying Callback instructions with multiple lines separated by carriage returns resulted in failed Callback submit. (IW-15805)

Workspace now displays the nickname of system and bot agent messages in the historical part of the Chat transcript. (IW-15790)

The teamlead.agent-status.enabled-agent-group-security-mode option was introduced to allow Team Leads who are granted the 'Team Lead - Can Change Agent Status' privilege to change the status of any agent in the system. When set to true (default), the Team Lead can only change the status of agents of groups where this Team Lead is the supervisor. (IW-15780)

Workspace now correctly displays line spacing when a <p> tag is used in an HTML formatted table of an HTML email iteration. (IW-15766)

In the Login window, the queue edit field is no longer displayed when the value of the login.voice.prompt-queue option is set to false and the login.voice.available-queues option is configured with an empty value. (IW-15738)

Workspace now always correctly retrieves the contact attributes from UCS. Previously, depending on the formatting of the interaction record returned by UCS, contact attribute retrieval could result in an error. (IW-15719)

When the agent logs on the Voice channel after an automatic log-off that was triggered by OCS Negotiated logout processing, the media status is now set according to the value specified for the login.voice.is-auto-ready option. Previously, the Voice channel might have been restored as Not Ready. (IW-15716)

Workspace no longer asks the agent to specify a mandatory disposition code for interactions that were dialed by using the Party Action menu of Web Callback interactions. Previously, it was not possible to close the interaction form because disposition code of the interaction was not recognized. (IW-15688)

When a business process attaches suggested categories to an email before it is distributed to an agent, the Standard Response view now always opens with the Suggested Response automatically displayed. Previously, the unfiltered Standard Response view might be selected instead of the suggested categories. (IW-15519)

Workspace no longer becomes unresponsive when Genesys Mobile Services is slow to respond during the validation of a Callback scheduling or rescheduling request. (IW-15397)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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