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Genesys Info Mart Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
05/07/18 General X X X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Support for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance — To enable customers to comply with Right to Access (export) or Right of Erasure ("forget") requests from their customers ("consumers"), Genesys Info Mart reports or redacts customer-specified personally identifiable information (PII) stored in Info Mart fact tables. The daily Info Mart database maintenance job, Job_MaintainGIM, automatically processes new GDPR requests, which customers provide in tenant-specific JSON files.
    For more information about Genesys Info Mart support for GDPR compliance, see General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Genesys Info Mart Support for GDPR in the Genesys Security Deployment Guide. For more information about the maintenance job, see Job_MaintainGIM in the Genesys Info Mart Operations Guide.
  • Relaxed database permissions for PostgreSQL – In PostgreSQL deployments that use read-only tenant views, the name of the Tenant User no longer needs to be the same as the name of the Tenant User schema. On the other hand, the Info Mart user (the user account used to run Info Mart jobs) requires access to the tenant user schemas and the tenant views. If your PostgreSQL deployment uses tenant views, use the updated make_gim_view_for_tenant.sql script to separately specify the names of the Tenant User schema and the Tenant User, as well as the Info Mart user.
    For more information, see Required Database Privileges and Creating Read-Only Tenant Views – PostgreSQL in the Genesys Info Mart Deployment Guide.
  • Support for Genesys CX Insights (GCXI) reports extended to all premise deployments – With the initial general release of GCXI, Genesys Info Mart supports GCXI reports in on-premise deployments with the minimum requirements described in the GCXI Product Alerts. (Previously, GCXI was available only in restricted release, and Genesys Info Mart support for GCXI reporting was limited accordingly.)
  • Preparing to support alternative data streams — In future releases, Genesys Info Mart will support obtaining data from data streams that do not go through Interaction Concentrator. Info Mart database schema changes have been made to prepare support for these alternative data channels. For full details, see the "New in This Release" information in the Physical Data Model for your RDBMS.
  • Genesys Info Mart Manager now supports (requires) Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) release and higher. For more information, see Dependencies.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Genesys Info Mart now correctly records a technical result of Cleared/TargetsCleared in the MEDIATION_SEGMENT_FACT table in scenarios where:

  • An inbound call enters a routing point, and a routing strategy places the call into a virtual queue.
  • The routing strategy uses the ClearTargets function to clear the call from the virtual queue.
  • The call later ends while still in the routing point.

Previously in such scenarios, an incorrect technical result of CustomerAbandoned/AbandonedWhileQueued was recorded in the MSF record for the virtual queue.


On Microsoft SQL Server deployments, the transformation job now completes successfully when there are invalid datetime values in KVPs for transformation of user data. Previously in such scenarios, the transformation job sometimes failed, logging the following message:

SQLServerException: The current transaction cannot be committed and cannot support operations that write to the log file. Roll back the transaction


Genesys Info Mart now merges SDR_ENTRY_POINT records that have a DNIS field referring to an external resource into a single SDR_ENTRY_POINT record with the DNIS field set to ‘EXTERNAL’

Previously, Genesys Info Mart produced distinct SDR_ENTRY_POINT records for each distinct external DNIS, resulting in a large number of SDR_ENTRY_POINT records in environments that use Genesys Callback.


The export job now completes successfully in scenarios where the time elapsed between the execution of the first two transformation jobs exceeds the value of the chunk-size-seconds option in the gim-export section.

Previously in such scenarios, the export job sometimes became stuck after exporting the first chunk.


In multimedia scenarios, RESOURCE_GROUP_COMBINATION_KEY records for workbins and Interaction Queues are now populated correctly in the MEDIATION_SEGMENT_FACT (MSF) table.

Previously in such scenarios, if the DBID of the workbin or Interaction Queue matched the DBID of another resource in a DN Group, the RESOURCE_GROUP_COMBINATION_KEY field in the MEDIATION_SEGMENT_FACT (MSF) table was incorrectly populated.


In scenarios where idle database connections become unavailable after being forcibly closed from the DBMS side, Genesys Info Mart now ensures that a connection is available to connect to the database server.

Previously in such scenarios, Genesys Info Mart was unable to create a connection to the database server, and could enter into an infinite loop.


The transformation job now completes successfully in scenarios where the GIDB_GC_ANNEX table contains a record with STATUS=2 and DELETED_TS=null. Previously in such scenarios, the transformation job sometimes failed with an error message similar to the following:

Job step 'AGENT_ANNEX' failed. ERROR: null value in column "end_ts" violates not-null constraint.


The transformation job now correctly processes multimedia interactions in scenarios where many thousands of outbound interactions connect to a single inbound interaction.

Previously in such scenarios, the transformation job could fail because it was unable to process data in a single chunk within one hour.


For PostgreSQL deployments, this release includes enhancements to the update statistics job (Job_UpdateStats) that enable the job to function when there is more than one schema in the Info Mart database. Note, however, that Genesys does not support multiple schemas in the Info Mart database. For more information, see the Database Object Owners and User IDs Limitation in the Genesys Info Mart Deployment Guide.

Previously, in scenarios where multiple schemas were present in a database, the job sometimes failed with an error about "relation ... does not exist".


Upgrade Notes

Refer to the Deployment Procedure for this release to deploy the installation package within your environment.


  • To enable all of the functionality provided in this release, Genesys Info Mart requires Interaction Concentrator release 8.1.514.06 or higher. At a minimum, Genesys Info Mart release 8.5 requires Interaction Concentrator For additional recommendations, see ICON Recommendations in the Known Issues and Recommendations section.
  • Genesys recommends that you manage jobs using Genesys Info Mart Manager, but if you continue to use Genesys Info Mart Administration Console, Genesys recommends that you use Genesys Info Mart Administration Console release 8.1.3 or higher.
  • Genesys Info Mart Manager release 8.5.010 requires Genesys Info Mart release 8.5.009 or higher. Genesys Info Mart release 8.5 is compatible with Genesys Info Mart Manager release 8.1.4 and higher.
  • Genesys Info Mart Manager and GAX interoperability requirements are reciprocal:
    • Genesys Info Mart Manager release and later requires GAX release, and vice versa.
    • Genesys Info Mart Manager 8.5 releases earlier than 8.5.010 require GAX 8.5 releases earlier than GAX, and vice versa.
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