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Genesys Info Mart Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
08/18/16 General X X X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Enhanced outbound fact reporting — In eServices outbound scenarios where an outbound interaction is originated outside the scope of eServices (for example, by OCS) and is placed into an Interaction Queue, an IRF record is now created when a strategy handles and completes the interaction without agent involvement. When user data changes initiated by the strategy are reported, they are associated with the new IRF record.

  • Enhanced user data tracking — A new propagation rule, IRF_ROUTE, enhances the flexibility of user-data reporting with the capability to store the final KVP value that is present during mediation, regardless of whether the call is abandoned in mediation or delivered to a handling resource, or whether the KVP value changes while the call is at a handling resource (that is, after mediation).

  • Enhanced dialing target reporting — A new column, TARGET_ADDRESS, has been added to the INTERACTION_RESOURCE_FACT (IRF) table. For voice interactions, if the IRF row represents a resource initiating an interaction or consultation, this column contains the target media address that received the interaction or consultation; otherwise, a null value is recorded in this column.

  • Decreased IDB maintenance effort — Genesys Info Mart now automatically creates missing IDB indexes during extraction, without running the update_idb_* scripts.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Voice transformation is no longer delayed in the following scenario:

  • There are inactive data sources.
  • There is no voice call activity, but there is other activity (for example, only UserEvents).

Previously in such scenarios, voice transformation might be delayed.

To find inactive data sources, look for records in the CTL_DS table that have ACTIVE_FLAG=0.


Genesys Info Mart now correctly reports the resource role in the IRF table in scenarios where an interaction is simultaneously handled by resources on different switches, and one of the handling resources subsequently completes a transfer or conference. Previously in such scenarios, the IRF row for the handling resource not involved in the transfer or conference might have been assigned an incorrect resource role of RECEIVEDTRANSFER or INCONFERENCE. (GIM-10849)

The transformation job now correctly records technical results for inbound multimedia interactions in scenarios where some activity persisted after an agent completed an interaction. Previously in such scenarios, an incorrect technical result of Transferred might have been reported in the IRF table instead of Completed. (GIM-10808)

Genesys Info Mart now correctly reports the resource role in the IRF table in scenarios where the recipient of a cross-site conference is later merged back into the main call due to path optimization. Previously in such scenarios, the IRF row for the conference recipient might have had an incorrect resource role of RECEIVEDTRANSFER instead of INCONFERENCE. (GIM-10807)

In deployments with PostgreSQL RDBMS, Genesys Info Mart now uses the correct database connection parameters from a non-JDBC database access point (DAP). Previously, Genesys Info Mart might have used incorrect connection parameters, unless the parameters were explicitly specified in the jdbc-url configuration option. (GIM-10794)

Genesys Info Mart now correctly populates SM_MEDIA_NEUTRAL_STATE_FACT records in unusual situations where some agent state records in the SM_RES_STATE_FACT table remain active for an extended time.

For example, if all multimedia DAPs are removed from the Genesys Info Mart configuration, there is no further transformation of multimedia data until multimedia DAPs are added back to the Genesys Info Mart configuration. Previously in such scenarios, if there were active multimedia agent states at the time the multimedia data transformation ceased, those agent states might have appeared to be active for an indefinite time. As a result, the multimedia agent states that remained active could cause an incorrect representation of the media-neutral agent states in the SM_MEDIA_NEUTRAL_STATE_FACT table.


Genesys Info Mart now correctly processes the removal of Message Server from the Connections tab of the Genesys Info Mart Server application. Previously, when the connection was removed, Genesys Info Mart generated the following error:

ERROR com.genesyslab.PCT.invoker.default Subscriber com.genesyslab.gim.etl.cfg.client.Loader$2@2a64793e with filter null had exception java.lang.NullPointerException: configuration is null.


Upgrade Notes

Refer to the Deployment Procedure for this release to deploy the installation package within your environment.


  • To enable all of the functionality provided in this release, Genesys Info Mart requires Interaction Concentrator release 8.1.509.07 or higher. At a minimum, Genesys Info Mart release 8.5 requires Interaction Concentrator For additional recommendations, see ICON Recommendations in the Known Issues and Recommendations section.
  • Genesys recommends that you manage jobs using Genesys Info Mart Manager, but if you continue to use Genesys Info Mart Administration Console, Genesys recommends that you use Genesys Info Mart Administration Console release 8.1.3 or higher.
  • Genesys Info Mart Manager release 8.5 requires Genesys Info Mart release 8.5.002 or later. Genesys Info Mart release 8.5 is compatible with Genesys Info Mart Manager release 8.1.4 and higher.
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