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Workitems are documents that might be directed to you for handling. They include numerous non-interactive media types, such as faxes, that you might have to view while you are handling interactions of another type, such as email.

The Workitem Interaction window enables you to handle tasks that are related to workitems, including the following:

  • Transfer (forward) the workitem
  • Select Mark Done for the current interaction
  • Start a Voice Consultation with an internal target or with a contact
  • Start an IM Consultation with an internal target
  • Store it in a workbin for further processing or review
  • Open an in-progress workitem from a workbin or Queue in the History view.
  • Set a disposition code
  • Use the Note to attach a note to the interaction history
  • View Case Data (attached data) for the current interaction
  • Call the sender if there is a phone number in the contact database
  • Send the recipient an Instant Message (IM) if the recipient is an internal target
  • E-mail the sender if there is an email address in the contact database
  • Schedule a Callback—Click Schedule Callback (IW 851 New Callback Button.png) to open the New Callback dialog box. See Genesys Callback. [Added:]
  • View and manage contact history
  • View and manage contact information. Your account might be configured to let you assign an interaction with an unknown contact to a known contact in the contact database by using the Manual Contact Assignment feature [Modified:].
  • Hide or display the controls and information about the current interaction by clicking the collapse/expand Interaction View button:
Collapse IW Collapse Case View Button 850.png
Expand IW Expand Case View Button 850.png
  • View the standard response library if you decide to call the sender to discuss the workitem contents

If there are in progress or recent interactions for the current contact, the number of interactions is displayed beside the connection status of the interaction.

Transferring a Workitem

To transfer a workitem that you have accepted, click the Workitem Transfer (IW Workitem Transfer Icon 850.png) is displayed. Choose a transfer target. The target must be configured to receive interactions of the type of the workitem. Select <workitem type> Transfer.

If the target accepts the interaction, the interaction window on your desktop closes.

If the target rejects the interaction, the interaction window reopens on your desktop and displays an error that informs you that the target has rejected the interaction.

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