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RSS Interaction

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Interaction Workspace enables you to handle RSS social media interactions. You can:

For the following actions, see:

  • Add a Note
  • Mark an interaction as "Done"

View RSS Web Feed Source, Headline, and Content

The RSS interaction window lets you view the source of the web feed, the headline, and content. Click the headline to go directly to the associated page on the website.

RSS Interaction Window

View Channel and Item Category information

Click the Show Info Iw FB showinfo850.png button to view the channel copyright, language, published date, and item category.

View the Actionability and Sentiment of the RSS Interaction

When an RSS interaction arrives, you can view Actionability and Sentiment icons, which could have one of the following values or be unassigned:

  • Actionability—Possible values are Actionable Iw FB actionable850.png, Not Actionable Iw FB notactionable850.png, or undeclared Iw undeclared actionability850.png.
  • Sentiment—Possible values are Positive Iw FB positive850.png, Negative Iw FB negative850.png, Neutral Iw FB neutral850.png, or undeclared Iw undeclared850.png.

Actionable tweets are colored in yellow, and non-actionable in gray.

Actionability and Sentiment are based on the classification and screening results obtained from Genesys Knowledge Management.

Update the Actionability and Sentiment of the RSS Interaction

While processing the interaction, you have the option to change the value of the corresponding Actionability and Sentiment key by clicking the related icon and then choosing the correct value.

View Case Data

The Case Data (attached data) view provides information about an interaction—for example, an account number or type of service. Your system administrator configures which attached data is displayed.

Consult with Another Agent Using Voice

Click the down arrow on the Start a Consultation button Iw FB consultation850.png and select the Type of target. Click the magnifying class to search all, search favorites, or search recent.

Transfer to an Agent Group, Agent, Interaction Queue or Skill

Click the Transfer Iw RSS transfer850.png button, select the Type of target, enter the search criteria, and click the magnifying glass to search all, search favorites, or search recent.

View RSS Feed Source History

Click the History tab to view RSS interactions from a particular contact (RSS web feed source). Depending on how Workspace Desktop Edition is configured, the list could include interactions from other media channels.

Move the slider to search archived interactions, or to search by month, week, or day. As you move the slider bar, the list of interactions changes to reflect the selected time period. Click the Filter button to show all interactions or interactions for a particular media type. Click the magnifying glass to search using your own criteria.

History Tab

View the Number of Interactions in Progress

The number next to the clock icon Iw RSS clockicon850.png lets you quickly view the number of interactions in progress.

Select a Disposition Code

You can select the Dispositions tab and choose a Disposition code for the RSS interaction. For more information about how to configure and use selected Dispositions.

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