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Dial plan

The dial plan governs the disposition of inbound and outbound calls. If your Feature Server installation allows it, you can set up the dial plan in Genesys Administrator Extension. Otherwise, you must use the existing SIP Server dial plan functionality. See the Dial-Plan Rule section in the Framework 8.1 SIP Server Deployment Guide.

The Feature Server dial plan consists of:

  • Partitions, known as "dial plan rules" in SIP Server 8.1.0 and before, which are the low-level building blocks of a dial plan, specifying criteria such as dialing patterns and effective times.
  • Calling profiles, which consist of one or more partitions.
  • Forwarding profiles, which set global call forwarding options.
  • Dial plan settings, which set calling profiles and options for internal and external users and outbound calling.

Where multiple outcomes are possible, as in calling profiles and outbound routing rules, the application selects the closest match. If a caller, for example, dials 911, the application uses the rule with the pattern 911 rather than the pattern 9XX.

Call forwarding

Feature Server includes various options for call forwarding:

  • No forwarding: a call rings until the recipient answers it or it times out.
  • Forward calls to a single number.
  • Forward calls to multiple destinations that can vary over time and day (known as Find Me Follow Me).
  • Forward unanswered calls to a different number.
  • Forward calls to a different number when all phones are busy.

Call forwarding consists primarily of two layers of options:

Disabling the Feature Server Dial Plan

If you are using the SIP Server dial plan rather than the SIP Feature Server dial plan, or you want to temporarily disable the Feature Server dial plan for some reason, you can set the configuration option dialplan > active to false, which takes effect after a restart (the default value is true). Setting this value to false:

  • disables the Feature Server dial plan, and
  • hides dial plan-related settings in the Feature Server GAX interface
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