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Creating Calling Profiles

If your Feature Server installation allows it, you can create and edit calling profiles in GAX. Otherwise, any dial plan settings you make in GAX are not used.

To create or edit a calling profile:

  1. Ensure that you have created the required partitions.
  2. Log into GAX as an administrator (GAX IP address:port/gax).
  3. Under Operations > SIP Voicemail & Call Settings > Dial Plan > Calling Profiles, click New to create a calling profile, or click the name of the profile that you want to edit.
  4. Name or rename the calling profile.
  5. To add a partition to the profile, click the plus (+) icon. Note that the order of the partitions matters only if the partitions have the same weight (an equal number of alphanumeric characters). Otherwise, the profile checks the least specific partitions first.
  6. To delete a partition from the profile, select the partition and click the trash icon.
  7. Create additional calling profiles as needed. To configure voicemail, create at least one voicemail-specific calling profile (such as voicemail-profile-id) and add your default-partition and voicemail partitions to it.
  8. Edit dial plan settings.

Exporting Calling Profiles

  1. Select the Calling Profiles that must be exported.
  2. Click Export.

A JSON file callingprofiles.json will be created with partitions configuration.

The exported JSON file should not be modified.

Importing Calling Profiles

  1. Click Import.
  2. Select the JSON file to be imported, and click Upload.

Bulk Upload of Calling Profile

To create multiple calling profiles with partitions, the following details must be provided as a CSV file. This table contains the field details that must be included in each row of the CSV file:


Field Description

Default/Optional Values

calling profile name (M)

The name of the calling profile to be created.

partition name (M)

The name of the partition the calling profile uses.

partition rule (M)

The rules configured under the partition.

partition active (O)

Inactivate/activate an existing partition.


partition block (O)

Allows partition to bar calls that use the pattern specified in rules.


partition time zone (O)

Select the required time zone

Not set, Any time zone name

partition time start (O)

Start time from which this partition is effective.

00:00, Any valid hours and minutes

partition time end (O)

End time till which this partition is effective

Empty, Any valid hours and minutes greater than start time.

partition days of week (O)

Select the specific day on which this partition is effective.

Empty, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Sample CSV File

  • To create a calling profile with multiple partitions, you must add one row per partition in the CSV file.
  • The following CSV file will create two calling profiles and two partitions each.
"local calling profile ","Default Partition","1000=>1001"
"local calling profile","Voicemail","5555=>gcti::voicemail","TRUE","FALSE","Not Set","00:00","05:19","Wed"
  • You cannot create multiple days of week in partitions using bulk upload of calling profiles.
  • When you perform the bulk upload process for large number of calling profiles (for example, 1000), the bulk upload report will not be generated. However, the calling profiles and partitions will be created.
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