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Creating Call Forwarding Profiles

Use forwarding profiles to set general forwarding options that you can apply to groups of users.

To create or edit a forwarding profile:

  1. Log into GAX as an administrator (GAX IP address:port/gax).
  2. Under Operations > SIP Voicemail & Call Settings > Dial Plan > Forwarding Profiles, click New to create a forwarding profile, or click the name of the profile that you want to edit.
  3. Enter the profile details. The Profile ID is set automatically when you save a new profile.
Field Value
Profile Name Name the profile to distinguish it from other profiles.
Call Settings Enabled No disables call forwarding. All calls ring through according to the dial plan. Users cannot view any call forwarding options.
Use External Destinations Yes enables call forwarding to any phone number. No restricts destinations to recognized internal phone numbers only.
Maximum Number of Destinations Sets the maximum number of destination sets available in Find Me Follow Me forwarding.
Find Me Follow Me Enabled Yes enables calls to be forwarded to multiple destinations according to the Find Me Follow Me rules set for each user.
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