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Provisioning mailboxes

Mailbox provisioning signifies configuring the characteristics of an individual voice mailbox that includes activation, password reset, language, and time zone settings.

To provision mailboxes:

  1. Log into GAX as an administrator (GAX IP address:port/gax). Under Operations > SIP Voicemail & Call Settings, select Mailboxes. You can take either of these actions:
  2. Search for and click the mailbox that you want to provision.
  3. You can configure these settings for the selected mailbox:
    Setting Values (default value in bold) Description
    Status Active, Locked If the mailbox owner tries to log in unsuccessfully four times, they are locked out for 10 minutes. You can override the lock by selecting Active.
    Mailbox Password System, user-selected Press Reset to reset the password to the system (default) value. Default value is a mailbox number.
    Max Messages 10, 1 to n Select the second radio button and type a value to set a new maximum number of messages. Select System to restore the system (default) value.
    Optout Phone System (Not Set), any phone number or routing point When set, enables a caller to transfer out of voicemail to the specified destination at any time during a call. Select the second radio button and type a value to set a new optout phone. Select System to restore the value to the number in parentheses, which is the value set at the application or switch level for the configuration option voicemail-optout-destination.

    For more details, refer to Voicemail Opt Out.

    Time Zone System, time zone from menu Select a time zone from the menu to set a new time zone for all mailboxes that use the system (default) time zone. Select System to restore the system value.
    Language System (English(United States)), language from menu Select a language from the menu to set a new language. Select System to restore the system value.
    Assigned n/a The Assigned table lists the objects (directory numbers, agents, users, user groups) to which this mailbox has been assigned. For some objects you can click the object name to view the object.
    Messages Unread/Read(Unread high-priority messages/Read high-priority messages) Press Delete All to delete all normal and high-priority messages.
    Voicemail Deposit Enabled Yes, No Setting Yes forwards unanswered calls to voicemail under various conditions, depending on the options set. Setting No plays the following message to the caller: Sorry the service is temporarily not available goodbye.

You can effectively deactivate a mailbox by setting its Status to Locked (which prevents user access), and by setting Voicemail Deposit Enabled to No (which prevents callers from depositing voicemail).

To include a disclaimer, press Disclaimer and upload an audio disclaimer message or other message to be played during every call, before message deposit. If you see the Disclaimer is disabled message, you must open Genesys Administrator and set the play-disclaimer option to true under the Options tab of the application or the governing switch, in the VoicemailServer (Application object) section or the VoicemailServer (switch) section. The value set at the application level overrides any value set at the switch level, so to enable a disclaimer for any switch, you must set the option to True for both application and switch. See Configuration options.

Disclaimer file types:

  • For the United States and Japan, use CCITT uLaw (Mono) 64Kbps wav disclaimer files.
  • For all other nations, use CCITT aLaw (Mono) 64Kbps wav disclaimer files.

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