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Remove Metadata of Expired Voicemail Messages

Feature Server release includes the following python script:

  • removeExpiredMessages.py—Removes expired messages.

You can run this python script on the master Feature Server instance to remove metadata of expired voicemail messages.

See Python Scripts for information on how to deploy and run the removeExpiredMessages.py script.

Remove metadata of expired voicemail messages

  1. Ensure that all Feature Servers are up and running.
  2. Run removeExpiredMessages.py.

Sample Command Line

A sample command line to run the script:

java -jar <jython-version>.jar removeExpiredMessages.py -H localhost -p 9160 -o ./removeExpiredMessages.log

Run as a scheduled task

If you are using Feature Server version or above then you can schedule the delete-expired-messages task as described in the Scheduled maintenance tasks page.

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