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Set up mailbox and user time zones

Feature Server now enables you to use the script to update, in bulk, the time zones of mailboxes and the time zones of the users who are associated with that mailbox. This script is located in the <FS installation path>\python\util folder. Use the -e option to enable the script to make changes.

If the time zone of a group mailbox is updated by using this script, then the timezone of the users associated with the group mailbox will not be updated.

See Python Scripts for information on how to deploy and run the script.

Sample command line

Use the following command line format to run the script:

java -jar <jython-version>.jar -H localhost -p 9160 -i mailbox_user_tz.csv -o set_mailbox_user_tz.log

How to prepare the input file for the script?

Create an input file named mailbox_user_tz.csv.
The file must contain pairs delimited by a comma <mailbox number>,<Time Zone Id>.
For example, the following is a sample of the input-file content:

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