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Starting Feature Server

To start and verify SIP Feature Server:

Do not start Feature Server until you have set the configuration options replicationStrategyClassName and replicationOptions. See Cassandra options.
  1. To run Feature Server in secure (https) mode:
    • Open the start.ini file and uncomment etc/jetty-ssl.xml
    • In the IVR Profile, set initial-page-url = https://Feature Server IP address or host name:8443/fs
  2. Use Genesys Administrator, not the command line, to start SIP Feature Server. If you are running more than one Feature Server, start the Master first.
  3. In Genesys Administrator, verify that the Feature Server is running.
  4. Verify that the GAX interface is running by logging in as the Default administrator (in other words, the Default user in Configuration Server):
    GAX IP address:port/gax
  5. At this point, only the Default administrator can log into the Feature Server GAX interface. To enable other users to log in as administrators, assign the Administrator role to them.
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