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Configuration Database Synchronization

When there are updates in the Configuration Database, then Feature Server synchronizes the following objects.

  • SIP Switch objects:
    • CFGDN
    • CFGAgentLogin
  • Tenant objects:
    • CFGAgentGroup
    • CFGPerson
    • CFGPlace

SIP Feature Server synchronization with Configuration Database consists of the following three functional facilities:

  • Initial Import
  • Real-time Synchronization
  • History Log Synchronization

Initial Import

Initial import synchronization occurs during the first time the Master Feature Server is started. During this synchronization, switch objects and tenant objects are imported from the Configuration Database. To avoid repeating the import, Feature Server saves/retains initial import flags in Cassandra Database. After the check, Feature Server imports when required.

  • All Feature Server nodes perform the initial import of switch objects regardless of master/confsync Feature Servers.
  • Master node performs the initial import of tenant objects.

Real-time Synchronization

During real-time synchronization, Feature Server dynamically synchronizes Cassandra database with updates from the Configuration Database.

  • All Feature Server nodes perform the real-time sync of switch objects.
  • Only Master and Confsync Feature Server nodes perform real-time sync of Tenant related objects.

History Log Synchronization

History log retrieval synchronization occurs when Feature Server is disconnected and then reconnected to the Configuration Database. During this process, Cassandra is updated with all the changes in the Configuration Database during the time when Feature Server was disconnected. If the history log is lost owing to a Feature Server outage, reimport mechanism is triggered automatically. For more details on reimporting, see Reimporting Configuration Data.

  • Non-master/non-confsync Feature Server nodes perform Historical Synchronization of switch objects.
  • Master and confsync Feature Server nodes perform Historical Synchronization of tenant objects.
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