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Retrieve provisioned and unprovisioned devices

Feature Server enables you to retrieve a list of all devices that are created in Feature Server by running the getColumnFamilyContent.py script. This script is located in the <FS installation path>\python\util folder.

See Python Scripts for information on how to deploy and run the getColumnFamilyContent.py script.

Sample command line

A sample command line to run the script:

java -jar <jython-version>.jar getColumnFamilyContent.py -H localhost -p 9160 -c dm_device -k vendor,model,dn_list -o devices.log -x devices.csv

Note that the script accepts -k and -x only from Feature Server release version The contents of the .csv file must be in the following format:

ID Vendor Model dn_list
abcdef0000001 Genesys 420HD 1001,1002
abcdef0000002 Genesys 420HD
abcdef0000003 Genesys 420HD 1001,1002


  • ID represents the mac address of the phones.
  • Devices containing dn_list value are provisioned phones.
  • Devices that do not contain dn_list value are unprovisioned phones.
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