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Voicemail administration in Feature Server consists of three main areas:

  • Mailbox provisioning sets the characteristics of individual voice mailboxes, including activation, password reset, and time zone.
  • Notifications inform users, through email or web services, of voicemail deposits.
  • Profiles enable you to assign voicemail retention limits and notification settings to user groups or specific collections of users.

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Voicemail configuration

To set up voicemail deposit:

  • Log into Genesys Administrator Extension as an administrator (GAX IP address:port/gax). Under Operations > SIP Voicemail & Call Settings > Voicemail, select Settings.


  • To enable voicemail deposit, select Yes. To disable voicemail deposit, select No.
    Setting the value to No prevents administrators and users from changing the value for a specific mailbox.

Notification Defaults

Feature Server uses these values for SMTP and HTTP notifications when the corresponding field is not set in the Notifications tab of the Voicemail Profile associated with the user or user group. To set the default values, see Notification defaults.

Next, you provision mailboxes and set up voicemail profiles.

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