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Voicemail Opt Out

The Opt Out feature provides an option for the user to exit the voicemail system and return to a configured destination on the mailbox, application, or switch. An Opt Out prompt is played after the optional disclaimer (like ‘Press zero at anytime to opt out of voicemail’).

Press ‘0’ to opt out of voicemail. The SIP Feature Server provides two options:

  • Press 1 - to opt out of the voicemail and transfer to destination.
  • Press 2 – to return to voicemail for depositing voicemail.

When the user selects option 1, the transfer out of voicemail to the configured destination is initiated. When the user selects option 2, the main menu of the voicemail is played. The following diagram illustrates the Telephone User Interface of the of the voicemail opt out feature:


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