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Voicemail Forwarding

You can use your telephone to forward voicemail messages left in your mailbox to any mailbox, when the option Voicemail Forwarding Enabled is set to yes.

How to Forward Voicemail


Begin at the message review menu on your telephone, after listening to a voicemail.

Press 6.
Enter a mailbox number.
Press 1.

The voicemail is forwarded.


  • Press * to cancel at any step.
  • You cannot forward an expired voicemail.
  • Forwarding a voicemail resets its retention limit in its destination mailbox.

Configuring Voicemail Forwarding


Use the Feature Server GAX plugin to configure voicemail forwarding.

Log in to GAX and go to
Voicemail Profiles › System Profile › Forwarding

Choose Yes to enable.
   (The default is No -- disabled.)

Voicemail Profile Settings

The Voicemail Profile setting Voicemail Forwarding Enabled determines the state of this feature's functionality.

  • Feature Server consults the Voicemail Profile of the User or User Group that the mailbox is assigned to.
  • If the mailbox is not assigned, or assigned to multiple users or user groups with enable/disable settings that disagree, then Feature Server consults the System Voicemail Profile.

The above rules also determine which Voicemail Profile applies to the destination mailbox, and the retention limit setting in that Voicemail Profile is applied to the voicemail received.

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